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"A Good Realization"

As you can see now in my blog, It has a slight change. I'm talking about my quotation from this"Behind my smile,are all of my lies. Behind this whole body is a broken me. Behind the jokes I make,are laughters sometimes I fake. Now you see? It's not all of me. Because at the back of this sign that "I'm free" is the sign that says "Please fix me" to a new one(you will notice it -->).
Why? Well simply because I just realized how stupid I am. All these years I always complain about life and never bother to appreciate all the good things that comes my way. Until one day I realized something...I am very lucky "Yes I am" God give me the wealth of love coming from these people.

A good family, I have a good dad (papa) who is very supportive and loving father, a nice mom (mama) who devote her life to take care and provide our needs, a sweet brother that I can always talk to and share interest. I really love my family, a real treasure that can never be exchange even a bundle of gold. My family is not perfect, we have some faults like other family too. But despite the trails we face in our lives, we remain strong and happy, we're close as a family. The saying "The family prays together, stays together" it really apply to us. If the family put God in the center of their lives that will be a strong foundation.

A good friends who's always there for me, some of them are living in the different parts of the Philippines , some had their own family, and some are busy with their own lives. But we're still friends despite of distance and luck of time sometimes. All I can say "I really thank you guys!for everything..."

Well I'm new in this company, new job and new people. Actually it's my two months here and I'm happy to say that "I'm grateful to be here, thank God". Since it's a new environment, I have a new seat of friends that can be with every lunch time sharing stories, ideas, and stupid specially the conference...the text conference, right guys? I promised that I will write something for them in my blog..So read it guys!(naning naku ni!).

Jayson - 'the charlie..daw?' I already known jayson for quit many years now, he's one of my classmate in college, but we're not that close before, but now we're close (close ba tayo?) I don't have no choice! (kawawa kasi walang kasama kumain nung first day!kaya niyaya ko..diba son?lol),he's really a funny guy!The life in the group...he always throw funny jokes even it's not funny anymore and he really laugh very loud that can distract you from where you stand. But he's a good guy always there for he's heartbroken now...because.....well I don't want to elaborate more coz I know jayson will kill me and he will say ("letse kah brey!" Even though your smiling son the wounds was still there, of course you really love her before... always remember this: it's not your lost it's her..ok (daghan pa chicks!naa pa bevs, bagay mo!). Your a great guy....Thanks for being a clown in the group, you really don't know we're glad to have you. Good luck to your rasta band and new love life..soon(with bevs?

Joanna - 'the loyal' A loyal friend, a loyal wife and a good mom. We meet here in the office (sabay kami exam,interview, nauna lang ako nang 1 day pag hire diba mads?). She's really nice and a loving friend, I'm one of the godmother of her son 'clint'. Jo your a good mom I witness that all the time and the most loyal wife to jonel (he's husband). Joanna's line "sige na brey kay nag pa abot na si jonel" and if ever we invite her to go somewhere "ay wala ko nag paalam kay jonel,next time nalang"(look pwede nang mag ka award ang lola!most loyal!lol), Well she's very devoted to her family, she's a young mom but very mature. Jo I'm so proud to be your advice is that don't let anyone or anybody ruin the good family you have now(yung mga taong walang magawa sa life manira nalang nang family!ingit lang sila mads). Always pray to God and always love your family, Jonel is very lucky to have you. Thanks for being there and a good adviser to me.

Wiwit - 'the weird or joker?' She's the girl version of jayson. Have you experience it when the group are talking very serious and suddenly one person try to enter in the conversation, and ruin it and all of you end up laughing?That's wiwit she's always throw a silly jokes...jayson always say this to her "adik kah wit?"...Well like jayson she's also the life in the group in short 'clown', a pretty clown. Seriously she's very nice , she really listen to you and you can depend on her all the time. whenever we talk about serious matters she really listen and try to give her best shot to help you sort things out, remember our conversation at mcdo and kfc?...(ok lang nah wit pariha lang tah nbsb-no boyfriend since birth)..I think God wants us to meet a right person, he will make a beautiful love story for us..far from our imagination mads.patience is a virtue mariwitz....(maski mag 40 years old nata hulat Thanks for making us laugh and for being nice...P.S.:for boys wiwit is almost, try her.....

Darlyn - 'the pm' well I have to be serious about this girl. She's our pm guys! some respect!(takot like joanna she's a good mom, a young mom also,very serious(kaya naging pm nag grupo!diba son?) we always hang-out together (laging kumakain sa dunkin donut) sharing stories about love life..remember darl?This girl is so smart, if you see her blog...(naks!graveh yung english....ang sakit sa and now she's really busy with her up coming business..go girl(nah madato na gyud kh ana!) .Darl thanks for being a nice friend...hope you found your dream boy (aw nakita mo na pala!), goodluck to you and your Saudi boy!Trust and Honesty is the key to a long-distant relationship!(char!mura naka pm....

Beverly - 'the babes' (babe of I really don't know her that well...But I know she's a very nice girl and smart (programmer eh!congrats programmer kana!) Now I know that she's also broken hearted like jayson (oist..bagay gyud!) well bevs the key to broken heart is to love again...(marami pang jayson..bagay mo both programmer and take note boy next door yan si jayson(lalaki sa kilid sa purtahan! Well if you need someone to talk to, we're always here for you girl...(goodluck to your new lovelife with for being a good friend.

P.S : Every Saturday mag pa unli ta... for our conference...ok!

* To all my co-worker here thanks for being so nice to me. For my bosses thanks for the opportunity to work here...*

Kuya Cesar - 'the master blogger' This guy is my mentor in blogging (salamat ya!) he always say this to me "oi kumusta blogging brey", he's really nice to all and a good husband and father as well. Good luck ya and God bless you and your family always. Your a devoted husband and a loving father, keep it up!

Lastly my special someone ('he's not my boyfriend'), I don't know if he knows that he's special to me and I don't care if he read this or not!hahahah...Well I want to thank you for everything, for making me laugh always (coz your so weird sometimes..oh many staying so late in the net just to talk to me, even though your so damn tired.For really trying to open a different topic so that our conversation will not be boring. I hope you will not be bored of me, coz I'm the most boring person in the you for staying at me you really make me happy...Ingtz ka palagi mr.
P.S : "Lagi kung dinadasal sa puong maykapal na sana ikaw na,ang taong para sa akin at mamahalin ko.Kung hind naman sana katulad mo."( Try to scan your dictionary so that you will understand what I wrote...I told you I'm

***The secret to happiness is to learn how to appreciate all the things that you have. Live with what is yours.....If you can't have what you want, maybe you can like what you have now. Be contented but strive for your dreams in life. Enjoy life and trust God all the time.***

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3 Cinderella's Commentos:

jayskie said...

nonsense mn ka briy oi... gkapoy ko ug basa.. letse... joke 2?... walay lami... walay angay... ngsayang2 ra ko ug oras dinhi... letse ka briy! taas kaau ug storya puros lay unod, puros taba, murag ikaw, uki lng unta to kung puros bukog, murag c wiwit kay choi pa... letse... may gani amigo ta... uki ra na..letse!

Engr. Cesar Noel said... master blogger na man hinoon ko hehehe :D

Aice Nice Concepts said...

wow! itemize man gyud ang mga names with descriptions ha parang report natin ^_^ ahihihi nakakatuwa basahin

si Cesar Master Blogger? weeiii! kinsa kaha mentor ni Master blogger ahihihi ^_^ pa enrol pud ko

~"In Life many of us have done fighting in every way to survive, heard every painful truth, been in every heartbreaking scene and felt every dreadful feeling. We thought going through it will then make us realized that we have to stop the fight, to atleast save a little of ourselves. But you know whats funny? It's when it seems that we are so much tired of it, but still we can't just quit no matter how hard it is and we continue hoping that one day..well be able to find someone who could love us, not just "right" but "real"~
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