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After Holiday's

Back to work again!!!!!!

"Todays mighty oak is merely yesterday's little nut, that managed to hold it's ground"

Oh it's January 2, 2007 – It's time to work again from 4 days of no work! I'm tired!hehehe but I really miss my computer and my co-workers, especially the “angels” namely joanna, wiwit, darlyn and the adapted jayson..hahaha (sikat namo naamo sa ako blog) “Hello Guys”.....well my angels are not complete because jocel transfer to nighshift (“oh...!miss na teka mai”) and the last but not the least amielyn rivas the beautiful girl in the world ("i miss you yots, complete name nah ha, bold pa gyud!huwag you"), maka relate kah sa ako blog..hahaha. Well in all the jobs I went through this is the job that I really like it, I'm working in the peaceful environment now (walay pakialamay....hehehe). My co-workers and my bosses are all nice...even thought I don't know some of my co-workers ( I only know some of them with there beautiful faces..char!) and we can talk only if its lunch time, black-out, or the net is not working well. I want you all know that you're part of my life now...”thank you for being nice to me”. Back to work – Oh God! I have many emails and the Internet connection is not working well, damn smart bro!(help!!!lol). I'm hoping this well be re-solved....I'm worried about my emails, i'm sure there are many customer's complaining now.hehehe..ops!brb...the internet connection is back and it means I have to go back to work....bye

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