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The Astrology of Love

***Study up! You might uncover your perfect match.***

Where there’s smoke, there's FIRE!

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius (also know as The Fire Signs) can sizzle with passion. They also tend to be impulsive, driven and lovers of the thrill of the chase.

When romancing a Fire Sign, it's of utmost importance to know how to maintain his or her interest. The Fire Signs love a challenge, especially in the romance department. The problem is that because they become bored far more easily than most other signs of the zodiac, they can be easily distracted when a new challenge comes along. Because of this, in order to keep your Fire Sign interested, you’ve also got to keep them guessing. In other words, predictability isn’t part of the package when it comes to someone of this element. To set a Fire Sign’s heart ablaze, you’ve got to fan the flames!

On the upside (or at least the side where you don’t have to work as hard), Fire Signs enjoy new experiences and make exciting partners. If you need a party date, a Fire Sign is the one to call; they’re usually great conversationalists. On that note, they also have a hard time resisting a playful sparring session. In fact, to a Fire Sign, it's the best kind of foreplay! In short, while it’s important not to be boring, with a Fire Sign, you’ll never be bored either. Charismatic and charming, they own (and expect to be) the center of attention.

If you're looking for romantic sparks, a Fire Sign is one hot ticket.

Exploring the FIRE Signs

LEO is the most romantic of the Fire Signs, but the lion’s desire for romance is only equal to his or her need for drama. Charming scene stealers who love the spotlight, they’re also steadfast believers in the concept of true love and can be easily swept off their feet by big displays of affection. They have sensitive egos and require a lot of affection and attention in a relationship.

Motto: Love will conquer all.

SAGITTARIUS can be the most fun among the Fire Signs since they're always up for an adventure. A relationship with a Sagittarius rarely gets stale, but they are most difficult to pin down because they do not like to settle down. When you're dealing with a Sagittarius, the thrill of the chase is of utmost importance, so it’s important to always keep them on their toes.

Motto: The grass is always greener.

ARIES is the most independent of the Fire Signs and is thereby likely to appear detached, which they sometimes are. However, Aries does welcome a challenge and will chase someone in whom they’re interested. Aries often view love as a game and flirtations are all part of it. Usually possessors of a great sense of humor, an Aries can keep you laughing. However, you'll have to be the flexible one in a relationship because this sign will not easily compromise his or her lifestyle for anyone.

Motto: Love is fun, but not required.

Down to EARTH…

Like a rocket scientist, the Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are logical, pragmatic and dependable. They are the most bottom-line oriented of the entire zodiac. Being the highly rational type, individuals born under an Earth Sign cannot relate to irrational outbursts or be bothered by frivolity. What they value and seek are security and stability.

When romancing an Earth Sign, dependability is vital - and punctuality scores extra. You can always count on an Earth Sign to do what they say, but keep in mind they will expect the same from you in return. And should you fail an Earth Sign, you'll be hard pressed to gain back his or her confidence or trust. Earth Signs have little patience for silliness, detest drama (especially in relationships) and like to see results in whatever they've invested their precious time. So don't waste your time - or your Earth Sign's - by crying over spilled milk. If you're looking for sympathy here, you won't get it. And remember, this common sense individual does not get in a relationship simply for a good time. In fact, they see all their relationships as serving some practical purpose in life.

Exploring the EARTH Signs

TAURUS is the most loyal of the Earth Signs and can be counted on for their reliability. However, you two had better be honest and committed because if a Taurus feels there is an issue of trust in a relationship, this bull will bolt! Stability craving Taurus is also the most romantic and affectionate of the Earth Signs and you can usually get to their hearts via their stomachs. One caution: never push a Taurus. The bull sign is very stubborn, and as the most hardheaded Earth Sign, the more you push - the more the bull will resist. To keep your Taurus happy, the key elements are food, comfort and plenty of hugs.

Motto: Feed me and I'm yours.

VIRGO is the most logical of the Earth Signs. They are not only analytical and rational but also everybody's biggest critic, so don't be surprised if they’re constantly critiquing you! On the upside, Virgo will work hard and examine all avenues in order to solve a problem. And while they may love to argue, they don't see it as a confrontation or attack but simply an exchange of ideas. Don't try to persuade a Virgo without grounding yourself in solid reasoning; it’ll never fly. Likewise, highly charged emotions or irrationality will cause your Virgo to lose patience quickly. What your Virgo requires is a lot of mental stimulation – intellectual conversation is their most exciting aphrodisiac, especially if they're learning something new.

Motto: Stimulate the mind and the body will follow.

CAPRICORN is the most practical of the Earth Signs as well as one of the most hardworking and ambitious signs of the entire zodiac. Even as a newlywed, don't be surprised if your Capricorn seems preoccupied with career. They are not known to be romantics, nor are they into emotions. But, they are excellent providers, protectors, and go to guys/girls. Capricorns value loyalty and are quick to defend those they love. Achievement-oriented by nature, they put an importance on status and material success. The more you can aid and support a Capricorn's interests and ambitions, the faster you'll win his or her heart.

Motto: You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

Coming up for AIR

As ephemeral as a summer breeze, AIR SIGNS (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are the most social creatures of the zodiac, and their social lives are an important part of their identity. Craving constant variety, they are typically not disciplined individuals, and while they are far from afraid to commit, they may not be cut out for it, as they can be superficial in their emotional development. While they may not be the best life partners, Air Signs are fun and lively companions whose unique charm may sweep you off your feet. When it comes to this breezy bunch, think energy… and sometimes, style rather than substance.

When romancing an Air Sign, don't let things get too habitual or your Air Sign may blow past, moving onto someone new, simply for change. Since Air Signs tend to be fickle, keep yours busy - and therefore happy - with little surprises and a good shakeup of venue/attitude/activity every now and then. The Air Signs embrace spontaneity, need mobility, and demand action. If you're up for an exciting challenge, let an Air Sign carry you away in his or her whirlwind.

Exploring the AIR Signs

GEMINI is the most adaptable of the Air Signs. They are friendly, flexible and charming - Gemini can fit in with most any crowd. Quick thinking and quick to speak, a Gemini can jump into any conversation with ease and just as easily hop from topic to topic. The sign of the Twins has the ability to see opposing viewpoints, and therefore, is often willing to compromise in an argument. However, a Gemini can change his or her mind at the drop of a hat, and often does. This may make them appear fickle or two-faced, and trying to keep up with their changing opinions may drive you crazy. Keep in mind that your Gemini is a natural born talker and can put a spin on any story that benefits them. They can also be easily distracted and need more variety than the other Air Signs. But they make fun and stimulating partners, ideal travel companions and stimulating conversationalists. Spontaneous and up for any change in plans, a Gemini loves to meet new people and see new places. After all, the Twins are born to have dual identities.

Motto: Variety is the spice of life.

LIBRA is the most charming (and likely to be partnered up) of the Air Signs. The sign of the Scales seeks out harmony and balance, and shrinks from conflict and discord. Don't create drama or put things in disarray if you want to keep your Libra happy. He or she would rather compromise than fight in order to keep the peace. For a Libra, companionship is a must. The Scales need another person in their life to feel balanced. If you need a dinner date that won't upstage or, worse, embarrass you, call a Libra. They are adept at the social graces, and making others feel at ease. They know how to behave properly given any situation. Their pleasant demeanor charms them into favor, which makes them even more charming. But, take note, their charm and magnetism can lead to indiscreet situations since people are constantly drawn to them, creating frequent temptations. Aesthetics play an important role for Libra who seeks out visual harmony and balance. You may find more Libras than any other sign who are artistically inclined.

Motto: Can't we all just get along?

AQUARIUS is the most unconventional of the Air Signs as well as one of the most unique and independent of the zodiac. Don't tell your Aquarius what to do or how to do it. They have their own way of doing things and no one can tell them otherwise. Commonly described as obstinate and unorthodox, the Aquarian delights in being different and going against the grain. They can stir up trouble just for the sake of it. Conspiracy theories, personal philosophies… Aquarians love their own groove/routine whether it makes sense to anyone else or not. Leave your Aquarian plenty of space to do his or her own thing and if you're understanding and accepting of their idiosyncrasies, as well as supportive of their causes and beliefs, you'll keep him or her happy. Aquarians are extremely social beings with lots of contacts. They can be spontaneous, stimulating and very interesting partners.

Motto: Don't tread on me.


The WATER Signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) are the most sensitive, emotional and romantic of the zodiac. They are dreamers who need a sympathetic ear, compassion and tender loving care. A Water Sign loves to be in love, and enjoys getting lost in the experience of love. A Water Sign seeks a spiritual connection with their lover, akin to a transcendental journey. However, lofty notions of love can color a Water Sign's judgment. The mythic fairy tale romance can sometimes leave them disappointed by the reality of relationships.

When romancing a Water Sign, it's important to do the little things that show you care. Surprise your Water Sign with small romantic gestures and it'll go a long way. Ignore their emotional needs and your Water Sign's love may fade away. But if you're sensitive to your Water Sign's changing moods and emotions, your relationship should proceed swimmingly.

Exploring the WATER Signs

CANCER is the homebody of the Water Signs. Many Cancers have a strong connection with their parents. They are also the moodiest of the Water Signs because Cancer's emotions are constantly going through different phases, like the moon, which is their ruling planet. Therefore, it can be difficult to predict your Cancer's moods. As trust is tantamount to Cancers, you must earn a crab's trust before they will expose their soft core. Comfort and security is also important in a partner to Cancers. They are perfectly content staying home with good food and someone they love, as a Cancer's home serves as their safe haven. Like a crab, they can appear tough on the outside, but are quite vulnerable beneath their shell. Thus, penetrating the shell requires patience and sensitivity. Cancers have a need to nurture the ones they love and need some nurturing in return. So, make your Cancer feel loved, secure and protected, and they'll never leave home.

Motto: Home is where the heart is.

SCORPIO is the most intense of the Water Signs. They may seem calm and placid on the surface, but you can be assured that there are strong emotions simmering just below the waterline, and they are often driven by these underlying emotions. Typically, Scorpios are very serious individuals who take their relationships just as serious, expecting complete, unequivocal loyalty. If you want to get anywhere with a Scorpio, do not cross them. If you do, it may take a lifetime for your Scorpio to forgive you, as they will never forget it. Scorpios have a tendency to be possessive, territorial and jealous. And because they do not usually reveal all that they are thinking, they can appear mysterious. Never one to naturally tip their hand, it takes extra effort to get into the head of your Scorpio. It takes time to develop a relationship with a Scorpio, but once you do, they can be one of the most intensely passionate lovers you will ever know because they aren't afraid to express their intensity. Demonstrate to your Scorpio that he or she is your number one priority, and your Scorpio will be forever yours -- with a passion!

Motto: Still waters run deep.

PISCES is the most compassionate of the Water Signs. They are also the most intuitive and self-sacrificing of the zodiac as they are often willing to forego their own interests for their partner's interests. More than any other sign, Pisces are keenly in tune with other people's emotions, which can be both good and bad. They pick up on the vibrations of the others around them like emotional sponges, and therefore, they can be highly influenced by others. Therefore, Pisces do not handle the negative emotions well. To compound things, they can be highly impressionable, so if you're feeling upset, your Pisces will too. Perhaps, this is why the Pisces are the real dreamers of the zodiac, preferring fantasy to the real world and getting lost in fantasies. So, put on a happy face, surround your Pisces with positive people, shielding them from the harsh realities of the world, and you'll keep your Pisces happy as a clam -- or fish.

Motto: I dream, therefore I am.

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