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PhotobucketKadayawan Souvenir...

I'm strolling and rooming around the city during the Kadayawan Festival, I found an interesting it interesting?hahaha...well it's just a tiny, cute, little store or whatever you call it...all I know its a store. Ok, let's move and continue...this store called my attention, they offer you different things like necklace, bracelet , key chain, cellphone accessories, stones and etcetera it's simple huh?well what made this store interesting is that whenever you purchased something they will provide you a free name tagging or certain design you want, I think they called it "Personalizing".

They applied temporary paint, painted by this man in the picture below....It's quit amazing....yeah its amazed me just like that..hahaha...Well I want to buy something in Kadawayan for souvenir I purchased a bracelet and a key chain for myself and ask him to put my name into it as you've seen in the picture.
I bought also two medium stones for my two adorable sisterhood Rang and Hannah and of course the cutest of all I purchased a tiny stones for my marengs and some of my close pals in the office and have their name painted on each stones.....You will see it in the picture it's cute I hope they all like it...did you girls?

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Awesome Ceiling Fan.....

Ceiling Fan is one of the oldest cooling devices we used back to 1860's.Nowadays as we observed lots of home or establishment uses Air-Conditioner as one of there cooling device. That's why ceiling fan companies find a usefull alternative way that this device will still click in the market.They integrate a trendy designs and materials with elegant lighting options.The beauty of using a ceiling fan is, you can have a combination of art and function.

I've found this awesome website which offers thousand of unique ceiling fans and ceiling fan accessories. You can choose different varieties of ceiling fans according to your taste, they also offer customization of ceiling fans. Try to look The Casablanca ceiling fans it represent the successful synergy of elegance, versatility, efficiency, endurance and comfort. A classic fixture in the home that is enjoyed for generations and make your home more comfortable to live in.The Minka Aire ceiling fans continually redefines the definition of ceiling fans, a unique combination of form, funtion, and design are the essence of this definition.And the Ellington ceiling fans design ranging from Classic to Modern to meet any rooms decor, they offer four major style categories such as traditional, modern, classic and construction series.

If your interested and Looking for something different or eye-catching ceiling fans visit them now.

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B-DaY of Baby Jasper + The Awards Night

My Kadayawan Celebration wasn't over yet, Sunday August 24 the last day of Kadayawan Festival. I go out with some of my friends here in the office we attend the 1st year birthday celebration of Baby Jasper and watch the awards night of our friend Jayson in MTS.

***After attending the afternoon mass I went to Mads Joanna's house it's a birthday of my godson Jasper...weee("wow mads binata nah si Jasper..hahak"). Jasper is the most adorable kid and he's the only godson that I have. My bff (best friend forever) namely Wiwit,Beverly,Glenn,Lyka,John and some college friends of Mads Wiwit went there. We really enjoy the food and the karaoke of course. Thanks for inviting us that night although it's kinda short cause admittedly I arrived late......muah***

Here's some of the picture I've got in the birthday party and in MTS.

Me and the birthday boy Baby Jasper...he's so cute right?

Lyka, Me,Bevs,Gleen,Wiwit and Daryl

Bevs,Glenn,Wiwit,Daryl and Angel

Lyka,Me,Joanna,Bevs and Wiwit

Another Photos from the beautiful girls?hehehe

After the birthday party of Baby Jasper we went to MTS to watch the Awards night of our friend Jayson....Congratulation son. Their band won a "Peoples Choice Award" that night.

Jayson, ME and the love birds Lyka and John

Brian, Wiwit, Angel and Glenn

I'm the model of these two amazing cars...hahaha...don't react...

Theres also an exhibit of Military Armor\Gadgets and some compiled photos held in MTS. It's cool, John was amazed in fact he doesn't want to leave that booth right Lyk's?...I like the different photos hang in the wall, the photographer captured it well....**sign*** "I hope someday I can capture a photos like that".

Here's some of the photos that I took from my phone.

Amazing Photos


The infantry vision and mission

John is ready to fight...Go John...haha

The soldiers with their combat suit

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PhotobucketKadayawan Celebration....

If your living in Davao City you will know that every August Davao City celebrate "Kadayawan" it's a feast to gave thanks for a good harvest.Davao city is known as a food basket in the Philippines, it's a one week celebration.I didn't watch the Indak-Indak and the Floral float parade cause it's so hot, but I make sure that I will be enjoying some of the things that this festive will offer.There's a lot of band played in every streets in Davao both local and foreign artist. Although there's an on-going battle happened in Cotabato (one of the the city in Mindanao) and receive some bomb threat, people of Davao didn't make this as a hindrance to enjoy the Kadayawan Festival.Many foreign visitor come to visit and want to witnessed the festival. With the distinct procedure of government officials and the help of different policeman in Davao City the Kadayawan celebration start well and ends well.

I go out with my friends and my family here's some of our pictures:

I Love DURIANS.....

Different varieties of flowers

Want one of these?

After strolling around it's time to eat....


***All I can say it was a peaceful event. Wait there's missing in the picture??where's mom?well shes there behind the camera..hehehe***

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Weekend Part 2

After the whirl wind situation that happened to me in the hospital. Now it's time to take a break and enjoy the rest of the night.God is so good he didn't spoil the rest of my day, he gave me time to remove all the worries and tension.

Well I arrived late in Metro Circle where the Cosplay held.I wanted to watch Joy perform on stage but unfortunately I am late, good thing her sister brought a video cam to record her performance. That's why I'll take advantage on it and play it over and over again in the office. Although I arrived late it doesn't mean that I failed to watch the cosplay, actually there are lots of cosplay players who participate in that event. Then Ice is also there to watch Joy, my BFF Girls (namely Wiwit, Bevs and Darlyn) failed to attend cause Wiwit is sick due to excitement I guess...hahaha am I right wit? And some mis-communication in part of Bevs and Darlyn...All I can say to this 3 adorable BFF of mine...("sayang..hahaha").

Back to the story actually the venue is quit small but amazingly lots of people in the crowd who patiently standing there.I just realized there are many anime enthusiast now both from young to old.

Here some of the picture I gathered from my phone and Joy's camera, I think the pictures can speak itself that I'm having fun in that event..

I'm with Rock Lee of Naruto

Rock Lee,me,bro,mei2x,ice

Go Yakitate Japan No. 1!!!

Rinoa, Kutapikt, Me & Souji

Miaka, Altair, Misa-Misa, Rock lee, Saber & Me

Kakoii Bishoujos

Me and Ice

miaka, saber, ice, altair, me

me and joy a.k.a altair

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for more pictures....

P.S. : Watch out for me next cosplay event maybe I'll be one of the participant...hahaha...In fact right now I so excited and the proof of that, I keep asking Joy to send me a different images of anime for me to choose.

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