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Weekend Part 1

Aside from my new PC, this is one of the reason why I've never been doing blog hopping or even updating a post. Last week Friday I received a message from mom that after work I will go to San Pedro Hospital, because EG son of my cousin was admitted there.

Last week were in the hospital family, my uncle, aunt and the rest of my cousins. The Shiroma family is one of the closest relative we have, were there supporting them in there lowest times.EG is just an 11 year old kid he was diagnosed that there is a problem in he's liver. Sunday morning were waiting if the operation of EG will be pause or not cause the doctor said they will observed it first, if the medicine could help him recover. But unfortunately the medication doesn't work so the doctor decided that EG will undergo the operation and it will happened exactly 4 in the afternoon.

While waiting for the doctor to conduct the operation,for a while I become a baby sitter of my cousin she's a "special child". Her name is "Nikki", she's very sweet and smart kid, she's very special to us. She wanted to watch a movie titled "A very special love" played by Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz, so my aunt ask me a favor to accompany her in the Cinema together with her yaya/nanny.

The movie is good you will be surprised by the team up of Sarah and John, some thought it wouldn't click. But amazingly in this movie they have a good chemistry. It's a good story well crafted it's not corny and in terms of acting they are both professional. Somewhat this movie relieved the tension in my heart, I really bother by EG's condition. After watching movie we go right away in the hospital and take our late lunch.

It's already 4 pm and EG is in the operating room, the tension burst it again. Meanwhile we take advantage to go to the chapel and attend the mass held inside the San Pedro hospital.I was supposed to go to Cosplay that afternoon, but I need to be there with my love ones. After the mass we go back to the room and later we receive a good news. EG's liver is good in fact healthy it's just an appendicitis, but needs an operation right away.We are all glad upon hearing that news our prayers suddenly answer, thank God. After the operation all the worries has been washed up, praise good the tension is over that night.

Then I left for a while to go to cosplay and watch Joy perform on stage, I arrived late in Metro Avenue...ops I will continue this portion on my next post....muah

This is Nikki my cousin at the cinema

Nikki and me inside the hospital

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