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B-DaY of Baby Jasper + The Awards Night

My Kadayawan Celebration wasn't over yet, Sunday August 24 the last day of Kadayawan Festival. I go out with some of my friends here in the office we attend the 1st year birthday celebration of Baby Jasper and watch the awards night of our friend Jayson in MTS.

***After attending the afternoon mass I went to Mads Joanna's house it's a birthday of my godson Jasper...weee("wow mads binata nah si Jasper..hahak"). Jasper is the most adorable kid and he's the only godson that I have. My bff (best friend forever) namely Wiwit,Beverly,Glenn,Lyka,John and some college friends of Mads Wiwit went there. We really enjoy the food and the karaoke of course. Thanks for inviting us that night although it's kinda short cause admittedly I arrived late......muah***

Here's some of the picture I've got in the birthday party and in MTS.

Me and the birthday boy Baby Jasper...he's so cute right?

Lyka, Me,Bevs,Gleen,Wiwit and Daryl

Bevs,Glenn,Wiwit,Daryl and Angel

Lyka,Me,Joanna,Bevs and Wiwit

Another Photos from the beautiful girls?hehehe

After the birthday party of Baby Jasper we went to MTS to watch the Awards night of our friend Jayson....Congratulation son. Their band won a "Peoples Choice Award" that night.

Jayson, ME and the love birds Lyka and John

Brian, Wiwit, Angel and Glenn

I'm the model of these two amazing cars...hahaha...don't react...

Theres also an exhibit of Military Armor\Gadgets and some compiled photos held in MTS. It's cool, John was amazed in fact he doesn't want to leave that booth right Lyk's?...I like the different photos hang in the wall, the photographer captured it well....**sign*** "I hope someday I can capture a photos like that".

Here's some of the photos that I took from my phone.

Amazing Photos


The infantry vision and mission

John is ready to fight...Go John...haha

The soldiers with their combat suit

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5 Cinderella's Commentos:

♥perpetuaL bLiss♥ said...

hi mads,

thanks for posting this :) naunhan jd q nmu nga aq mn unta 'pinaka' concerned ani nga panhitabo. hakhak! bzbz mn gd oi :( nya gkapoi paq. hehe.

thanks ky ngEnjoy d'i mu.. thanks aLso s gift.

s tnan nag adto, saLamat kaayO. s tnan nghatag gift, thanks pd kaayO. s tnan wa nangadto, wa mo'y kLaro! nyahahaha! awki Lng :) ug s tnan wa naq na imbayt, next yr nLng puhon ah? ipunan jd naq nah.. hahahah!


cnxa son wa q kaadto senUng awards night. aLways mna! dpat msanai nka nga absent jd q anà permi.. nyihihihi (--,)

muwah s tanan!Ö
beLated nak nak :)

jean said...

oist.. happy bday baby jas and congratulations jason..


Kikey Loo said...

wah... you had a busy and fun weekend!! (^.^)

mAryLyka said...

Yehey naa na sad ko diri! August 29, 2008.. Late na kaayu ako comment :( Busy brey! Hehe! happy jud ko sa bday ni Jas2x..hehe ky nakavideoke jud mi!
Thanks sa invitation Jo..Muaahh!

Cge na ui... tma na ni nga comment...Ay akong Dodong sa pic ba mura ug killer..hehe! Thanks sa fwenship ha? Mamiss ta mo puhon...!

Princess Cinderella said...

@perpetual bliss: aw nag enjoy m mads salamat gyud ha..daku nah jasper sunod mag uyab uyab ok lang nah kay jayson mads "under---standing" man daw nah sya..hehehe

@jean: maka join unta ka kung nisabay kah kila wiwit..hehehe

@kikey: soooo busy in my weekend going out with my family and friends.

@marylyka: sunod mag videoke tah mag venue man d i tah noh...hehehe..imoha beau bah mura mupatay ug tao..haha...astig!

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