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A new PC with a new O.S...

Before making this post can I say "congratulation" to myself first?hahaha..Lately I'm kinda busy in all the event that keep on coming into my life , see....this post should be done last week. Things turn ups and down, many things happen but I'm glad it's over and I hope it's really over. Meanwhile I'm back into blogging again to make this post. Last Thursday pops bought me a new PC....weeeee.

For how many months of convincing my dad to bought me a new one, my effort seems not wasted. Well we have an agreement of course thats what business are..hahaha...He agreed to bought me a new PC, but I have to pay him monthly atleast for two years.For me the bargain is quit good and challenging...challenging?yes of course I was known as a one day millionaire spend some dough in some useless stuff, but now I have to live up the word "save" so that I can pay my dad and my other bills (my internet and my credit card). I don't have a right to complain now atleast my money will put in good used.

My new PC is ACER Aspire M5641, Here's the link for the specification. I'm so damn lazy writing it here I'm satisfied with the appearance of my new PC, as well as the performance and specification. One thing that pest me off is that I can't change my O.S., ACER provide the O.S. it's Windows Vista. When I bought it I thought I can change it to Windows XP , but the problem is my video card its new (NVDIA GeForce 9300GE) and there is no driver for it for Windows XP. We tried to search for the driver in the internet for possible download, but unfortunately we failed. Well right now I'm trying to familiarize myself in Windows Vista and trying to have patience in every pop-up I encounter every time I click some applications on my wish me luck...muah....Photobucket

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4 Cinderella's Commentos:

Jeremy said...

Nice, but intel sucks! hehe, aus ang LCD 19" hehe!

Anonymous said...

Congratz Brey, ayos man intel, sa makaafford lng.

Nessa said...

Hi Princess Cinderella!

Congrats to you for getting a brand new PC :) I could do with a new one too but I can't afford one, just yet.

I hate those pop-up windows too. But so far, it's not so bad if you use Firefox. Enjoy your new PC!

Princess Cinderella said...

@jeremy: intel sucks....why???

@alon: uu bitaw..hahaha

@nessa: thanks, I hate those pop-up thing but right now I'm trying to familiarize vista and honestly I'm starting to like it..hahah
Buy a new one...I tell you it's worth it....

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