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Weekend Part 2

After the whirl wind situation that happened to me in the hospital. Now it's time to take a break and enjoy the rest of the night.God is so good he didn't spoil the rest of my day, he gave me time to remove all the worries and tension.

Well I arrived late in Metro Circle where the Cosplay held.I wanted to watch Joy perform on stage but unfortunately I am late, good thing her sister brought a video cam to record her performance. That's why I'll take advantage on it and play it over and over again in the office. Although I arrived late it doesn't mean that I failed to watch the cosplay, actually there are lots of cosplay players who participate in that event. Then Ice is also there to watch Joy, my BFF Girls (namely Wiwit, Bevs and Darlyn) failed to attend cause Wiwit is sick due to excitement I guess...hahaha am I right wit? And some mis-communication in part of Bevs and Darlyn...All I can say to this 3 adorable BFF of mine...("sayang..hahaha").

Back to the story actually the venue is quit small but amazingly lots of people in the crowd who patiently standing there.I just realized there are many anime enthusiast now both from young to old.

Here some of the picture I gathered from my phone and Joy's camera, I think the pictures can speak itself that I'm having fun in that event..

I'm with Rock Lee of Naruto

Rock Lee,me,bro,mei2x,ice

Go Yakitate Japan No. 1!!!

Rinoa, Kutapikt, Me & Souji

Miaka, Altair, Misa-Misa, Rock lee, Saber & Me

Kakoii Bishoujos

Me and Ice

miaka, saber, ice, altair, me

me and joy a.k.a altair

Click here
for more pictures....

P.S. : Watch out for me next cosplay event maybe I'll be one of the participant...hahaha...In fact right now I so excited and the proof of that, I keep asking Joy to send me a different images of anime for me to choose.

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3 Cinderella's Commentos:

Euroangel said...

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added you there already!!! let me know if you're done adding..
thanks a lot...have a great day!!
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Anonymous said...

Hmmm... So you're going to participate in the next event ne?... Will you be joining the cosplay contest also? :)

Princess Cinderella said...

@euroangel: yah I will promise...

@anonymous: joy ikaw to noh...yap probably I see you next

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