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Happy New Year....

Today is New Year’s eve and it’s also the birthday of my younger brother “happy birthday baby…wish you all the best in life..I love you bro...muah” . This is supposed to be the busiest day of my life helping mom in preparing foods for my bro’s birthday as well as for New Year’s celebration. But since I have this thing called “fever” I always caught myself lying in bed…arrgggg... It’s New Year and yet I have a fever…unlucky me huh?

Even thought I'm suffering from a bad luck that doesn't mean I wouldn’t be enjoying my New Year’s celebration. I have to thank my mom and dad for taking care of me, checking me every minute if I’m alright while I’m lying in my bed. Well after all the pampering given to me it makes me feel better so I decided to go out in my room. We have visitors our neighbor who just live nearby, they already started their karaoke session. When the clock ticks at 10:00 the karaoke marathon is over, they all go home to be with their families also. We went to church to participate in New Year's Eve mass, after the mass went home and we celebrate new year with gladness in our hearts.

****Picture time****

with our neighbors having karaoke......

Mama and Papa ; Baby bro and I....

with our cousin Jerick

The birthday boy with the bottle of wine....

Anyways like other people I’m looking forward for this year to come, hope this year brings a good vibe to me. Hmmm…I should take a look for my horoscope for this year…hahaha…just kidding. Well this year (2008) offers me a lot of blessings, many things happened that makes me feel so bless and for that I’m very thankful to God. Next year hopefully all the things that I’m planning for 2009 will be possible. I should take one step at a time in order to fulfill my plans, well good luck to me and to all of you hope we have a good year to come!

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Happy Birtday LJ #23

Happy Birthday Lebron James......weeeee

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Merry Christmas everyone! Hope every one of you enjoys this celebration…If you ask me about how’s my Christmas going? Well it’s good it’s just a simple celebration with my family. I’m thankful to God for the blessing to have such a wonderful family, who’s always on my side. But honestly I’m hypocrite if I’ll tell you that I’m perfectly happy while celebrating Christmas. I felt sad because I have this issue or some sort of a miss-understanding from one of the people who’s been a part of my life for a while and I really don’t have a plan to fix it not even in this new year to come. I hope God can forgive me for acting this way.

Anyways I don’t want to brought out this issue cause I know he will be reading my blog and I don’t want him to think that I’m depress because of him (“baga lang kaayu sya ug nawung kung isipon niya nah!”) But it’s really bugging me, cause I’m not the type who really into a fight and besides it’s my first time to have a conflict towards a person that never be fix before the year to end. Although I felt this way I don’t let this thing ruin my Christmas celebration with my family, I still enjoy Christmas despite of all.

In Christmas Eve we went to Nccc Mall the four of us again…me, my parents and baby bro. Have some shop then went to dinner after that we rush home so that we can attend the mass. After celebrating the mass we went home to have our “Noche Buena” together, have some karaoke, gave some gifts to my inaanak (godson and goddaughter).

***Noche Buena time***

***Gifts that I recieved; from mom, my neighbors and trunks***

Mom gave me a hello kitty pouch, Trunks is the one who gave that cute cow...and my neighbor gave us that blue bag that contains some coffee, soap including a it for me?hahaha...fresh from Singapore...I'm still waiting for the gift from pop...hehehe..."Thank you all for the gift I do appreciate it...muah"

***Gifts for my inaanak and little cousins***
It's a heart warming scene if I saw the kids with their big and innocent smile while receiving this gifts....

It’s a silent Christmas experience to all the people in Davao because our mayor doesn’t approve to use a firecracker. Christmas doesn’t weigh on that, the important is how you celebrate your Christmas and always be thankful for the blessing you received everyday from God almighty...

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Eversun's 2009 Christmas Party....

It’s another year again to spend my Christmas Party in Agents of Value or Eversun. I’m glad I’m still here in this company and it’s a pleasure to be part of this event again .I’m looking forward for next year’s party, hopefully I’m still be part of it. Anyway our Christmas party happened in Mergrande resort, located at Dumoy not too far from our house. It’s a nice party hosted by our admin, the place, the food is good and I’m satisfied with it. It’s an evening that is full of fun everything goes well, the prizes is extremely satisfying. And you can tell there’s a big improvement in this year’s party if you’re going to compare it last year.

I don’t regret the fact that I join this year’s party not even a single one because I know that I really do enjoy it. I’m thankful and proud that I won an award…hahaha…guess what?I won as Ms. Congeniality. I know the word “Congeniality” means but I don’t know that it would fit to my personality, did I? And my prize for that award is a 4gb USB, which is very useful for me. Some of my officemates received an award also and I’m glad that my three kumare is on the list, Wiwit as Ms. Coffemate (“sige man guro kah pangayu coffemate mads..hehehe”), Beverly as Best in Attendance (“idol gyud tika mads next year mag naning ko para ma best in attendance..LOL”) while Joanna as Ms. Courteous (“courteous?hmmm..napaisip ko mads I know pati ikaw..haha..just kidding mads, seriously I know you deserve it MARENG!”).

***Gift for Michael and Wilmer ; My award from AOV***

Every Christmas party I'm looking forward for the exchange gift...that's my favorite aside from food..haha. Well I'm glad I received a Lebron James tarpaulin..weeee...thanks Geoff!...and we have also exchange gift with my night shift friends I received a shirt from Majar..thanks grade 5....

***Gift that I received from Majar and Geoff...***

***Jacob and Me on stage while receiving our award...naks cob..meant to be?LOL***

***Picture taken from the party....***

To view all the picture from the party Click here

***Oh well that night is a memorable night to us we didn’t expect that it turns up that good. Thanks for to the effort of the admin the party ends successfully.

After the party we went to Mcdo Matina then attend the 9 mornings (simbang gabi) at ATENEO gym.....

Picture2x time with friends....
I went home 8 in the morning, tired but it's a good experience.....See you all next Christmas Party!muah...Merry christmas.....CIAO...

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My First Trip...

First and foremost it's a late post again...hahaha…Don’t worry one of my New Years’ resolution is to update my blog always...that means no late post,
hopefully I can stand that next year. Anyway my vacation is over in fact its two weeks over now , due to busy schedule and pending task I can’t find time to update my blog and share our smashing adventure in the city of Bohol and Cebu. Well what I’m posting now is just a summary of our trip a little summary of it with pictures. Don’t worry because in my next post I will introduce you all to this two cities. In this trip everything is “first”, It’s my first trip to go outside Davao , first time to experience riding a plane , first time to explore the city of Bohol and Cebu and etcetera.

"All my bags are packed I'm ready to go..." this is the perfect song must be played in this particular scene.....My bags are ready and also my ticket.......weee...

Our departure time is 09:25 a.m .This picture taken in Davao airport going to Cebu, while waiting for our turn....

Inside the plane going to Cebu....

View from the top.....

We arrived in Cebu airport at 10:20 a.m or more , then go to Cebu port going to Bohol.

While waiting for the boat to arrived...picture2x....

Finally...after 3 hours of sailing we reach Tagbilaran

I love the picturesque view of Bohol and hopefully someday I can go back again. First in our list go the the famous Chocolate Hills but before that we stopped in man made forest then Sagbayan Peak , Loboc Museum and then last stop in Hinagdanan Cave.

***Man made forest***

***Chocolate Hills***

***Sagbayan Peak***

***Sagbayan Peak 2***

***Meet the Tarsier***

***Loboc Church***

***Hinagdanan Cave***
After the two days of exploring Bohol we headed back to Cebu, we stay at Ale's relatives. We visit the Taoist temple then the famous Santo Niño Church. Meet the Cebu Bloggers and savor the night life in Mango Square. For me one of the amazing experience while staying in Cebu is when we visit the Santo Niño church, my eyes filled with tears of gladness it was amazing moments I felt like I'm in Rome....

***The Taoist Temple

***Magellan's Cross and Santo Niño Church***

***Meet the Cebu blogger's Miong and Jorich at the I.T Park and Gimik in Mango Square***

Two days of enjoying and leaving our footprints in Cebu its time to go home....It's my first time to say "Oh God I miss home...I really missed Davao".

***My arrival pisture and my "pasalubong" to my family and friends...***

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