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The Answer to my Prayer....

****Don’t run away from love. Don’t run away from loving another. Run away from fear. Run away from doubt. There is power in love and it is the only thing that you have in life that cannot be taken away.****

Have you ever thought of looking for that someone who would complete your existence? Someone who could distract you from your daily routine?Someone who would capture your imagination... Well, I do. I find myself thinking about someone that could make life more complete, more satisfying. That someone that would invade my consciousness.......

Luckily for me I found him, the answer to my prayer. I never though that I will fall for a guy that I meet on the internet...yeah it's sounds crazy but I love him. I don't know how or why....I can't explain myself why I felt this way towards the person that I've never meet in my whole life (only on cam). I don't know but every time I talk to him i feel very comfortable and I can be myself, i don't have to pretend. We can talk everything about my life and he's life, making funny stories, he makes me laugh and brighten my day, he really open for a topic and he sleep very late just to talk to me....I really feel that I've known him for so long, knowing he live in the other parts of the world. In him I found a brother, a best friend, a soul mate, and a lover. They said that "no one completes you but yourself", well for me this person complete me now. He's like a piece of a puzzle, that without him the puzzle will never called 'complete'.

Before I always fall for a wrong person, some guys came into my life just to make me fall or used me and after that they will leave me hanging.Well like John Lloyd said in the movie 'One More Chance'... "baka tayo iniwan ng mga taong mahal natin, kase baka merong darating na mas ok... na mas mamahalin tayo, yung taong hindi tayo sasaktan at paaasahin... yung nag-iisang tao na magtatama ng mga mali sa buhay natin." I hope he's the person who really meant for me.

I meet you on the day that 9 days or misa de galleo started. I don't know if it's the sign from heaven. I know there's a reason why I meet you..... whatever the reason it is, weather you hurt me or be with me in the end. It doesn't matter! I want you to know that I'm glad that I meet you. You're my first love and I always pray to God that you will be my last love. I know it's hard for me and for you to have this kind of relationship (a long distance relationship)... But taking a risk for this relationship is worth it, I know we could make it with the help of God of course...Your the nicest person that I meet and I hope you will not be tired of me, sorry if sometimes I act like a stupid girl.

P.S. : "Thank you for everything hun, I love you and you know that.And I do hope that our path will cross someday.....I don't know when, but I'm willing to wait for you.....until I reached 40 years old...what?hahahaha.....not that long ok?cause i'm not that pretty love you hun...mwah."

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Me and My Friends

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An Ice cream, that makes me free for a while....

Yesterday morning I received a bad news, about what happened to someone that seems special to me...And it's a terrible news (a car accident), after hearing that news my day is full of worries....Thank God there's nothing really bad happened to him, that's more important.( I know your not in good condition right now....I wish I could be there for you, but you know I can't..right???).Since I only received few emails, I'm kinda bored and I'm so worried about him.. well just to divert my worries I decided to make a new blog about "lebron james" ( I will post it here once I finished it). I really can't explain my self why I feel that way....really I don't have an idea. Well it's already 5 o'clock and we decide to go home...while walking in the street, we saw a billboard that has an ice cream picture....After that we decide to go to mall and eat ice cream(me, joanna and jayson)... Oh I really love ice cream, it keeps your stress, worries and problems set a side, once you taste feels your in heaven...feel free from we finish eating, we decided to go home since the husband of joanna is waiting...(diba jo?si jonel nag went home tired I don't know why.... I though that a scoop of ice cream can make me feel better...yeah!well I guess just for a while, for a minute, and after that back to reality...When I went home my pops (father) ask me ("pagod ka?kumusta ang work?parang wala ka sa mood..---translation----"are you tired?how's work?you seems not in the mood"), well my pops check me every time i went home...he ask me everything about work and etc..I told him ("ok lang"---translation----"it's ok") and go straight to my room...feeling so restless and tired...I went to bed really early that night, but I sleep so late, I can't sleep...grrr...I tried to close my eyes but I can't , this thoughts came in my minds every time I close my eyes ("Is he ok?""what will happened to him?I hope he can get a job.")...Oh god why I felt this way....Maybe because I'm just concern...that's it I'm just concern...Well I hope tomorrow I will heard a good news from that person.

note: I hope you will be Ok...everything happens for a reason, always remember that. You're a good person I know God will help you to get through with that.

***Matthew 6:25-27 25"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? 26.Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27.Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?***

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"A Good Realization"

As you can see now in my blog, It has a slight change. I'm talking about my quotation from this"Behind my smile,are all of my lies. Behind this whole body is a broken me. Behind the jokes I make,are laughters sometimes I fake. Now you see? It's not all of me. Because at the back of this sign that "I'm free" is the sign that says "Please fix me" to a new one(you will notice it -->).
Why? Well simply because I just realized how stupid I am. All these years I always complain about life and never bother to appreciate all the good things that comes my way. Until one day I realized something...I am very lucky "Yes I am" God give me the wealth of love coming from these people.

A good family, I have a good dad (papa) who is very supportive and loving father, a nice mom (mama) who devote her life to take care and provide our needs, a sweet brother that I can always talk to and share interest. I really love my family, a real treasure that can never be exchange even a bundle of gold. My family is not perfect, we have some faults like other family too. But despite the trails we face in our lives, we remain strong and happy, we're close as a family. The saying "The family prays together, stays together" it really apply to us. If the family put God in the center of their lives that will be a strong foundation.

A good friends who's always there for me, some of them are living in the different parts of the Philippines , some had their own family, and some are busy with their own lives. But we're still friends despite of distance and luck of time sometimes. All I can say "I really thank you guys!for everything..."

Well I'm new in this company, new job and new people. Actually it's my two months here and I'm happy to say that "I'm grateful to be here, thank God". Since it's a new environment, I have a new seat of friends that can be with every lunch time sharing stories, ideas, and stupid specially the conference...the text conference, right guys? I promised that I will write something for them in my blog..So read it guys!(naning naku ni!).

Jayson - 'the charlie..daw?' I already known jayson for quit many years now, he's one of my classmate in college, but we're not that close before, but now we're close (close ba tayo?) I don't have no choice! (kawawa kasi walang kasama kumain nung first day!kaya niyaya ko..diba son?lol),he's really a funny guy!The life in the group...he always throw funny jokes even it's not funny anymore and he really laugh very loud that can distract you from where you stand. But he's a good guy always there for he's heartbroken now...because.....well I don't want to elaborate more coz I know jayson will kill me and he will say ("letse kah brey!" Even though your smiling son the wounds was still there, of course you really love her before... always remember this: it's not your lost it's her..ok (daghan pa chicks!naa pa bevs, bagay mo!). Your a great guy....Thanks for being a clown in the group, you really don't know we're glad to have you. Good luck to your rasta band and new love life..soon(with bevs?

Joanna - 'the loyal' A loyal friend, a loyal wife and a good mom. We meet here in the office (sabay kami exam,interview, nauna lang ako nang 1 day pag hire diba mads?). She's really nice and a loving friend, I'm one of the godmother of her son 'clint'. Jo your a good mom I witness that all the time and the most loyal wife to jonel (he's husband). Joanna's line "sige na brey kay nag pa abot na si jonel" and if ever we invite her to go somewhere "ay wala ko nag paalam kay jonel,next time nalang"(look pwede nang mag ka award ang lola!most loyal!lol), Well she's very devoted to her family, she's a young mom but very mature. Jo I'm so proud to be your advice is that don't let anyone or anybody ruin the good family you have now(yung mga taong walang magawa sa life manira nalang nang family!ingit lang sila mads). Always pray to God and always love your family, Jonel is very lucky to have you. Thanks for being there and a good adviser to me.

Wiwit - 'the weird or joker?' She's the girl version of jayson. Have you experience it when the group are talking very serious and suddenly one person try to enter in the conversation, and ruin it and all of you end up laughing?That's wiwit she's always throw a silly jokes...jayson always say this to her "adik kah wit?"...Well like jayson she's also the life in the group in short 'clown', a pretty clown. Seriously she's very nice , she really listen to you and you can depend on her all the time. whenever we talk about serious matters she really listen and try to give her best shot to help you sort things out, remember our conversation at mcdo and kfc?...(ok lang nah wit pariha lang tah nbsb-no boyfriend since birth)..I think God wants us to meet a right person, he will make a beautiful love story for us..far from our imagination mads.patience is a virtue mariwitz....(maski mag 40 years old nata hulat Thanks for making us laugh and for being nice...P.S.:for boys wiwit is almost, try her.....

Darlyn - 'the pm' well I have to be serious about this girl. She's our pm guys! some respect!(takot like joanna she's a good mom, a young mom also,very serious(kaya naging pm nag grupo!diba son?) we always hang-out together (laging kumakain sa dunkin donut) sharing stories about love life..remember darl?This girl is so smart, if you see her blog...(naks!graveh yung english....ang sakit sa and now she's really busy with her up coming business..go girl(nah madato na gyud kh ana!) .Darl thanks for being a nice friend...hope you found your dream boy (aw nakita mo na pala!), goodluck to you and your Saudi boy!Trust and Honesty is the key to a long-distant relationship!(char!mura naka pm....

Beverly - 'the babes' (babe of I really don't know her that well...But I know she's a very nice girl and smart (programmer eh!congrats programmer kana!) Now I know that she's also broken hearted like jayson (oist..bagay gyud!) well bevs the key to broken heart is to love again...(marami pang jayson..bagay mo both programmer and take note boy next door yan si jayson(lalaki sa kilid sa purtahan! Well if you need someone to talk to, we're always here for you girl...(goodluck to your new lovelife with for being a good friend.

P.S : Every Saturday mag pa unli ta... for our conference...ok!

* To all my co-worker here thanks for being so nice to me. For my bosses thanks for the opportunity to work here...*

Kuya Cesar - 'the master blogger' This guy is my mentor in blogging (salamat ya!) he always say this to me "oi kumusta blogging brey", he's really nice to all and a good husband and father as well. Good luck ya and God bless you and your family always. Your a devoted husband and a loving father, keep it up!

Lastly my special someone ('he's not my boyfriend'), I don't know if he knows that he's special to me and I don't care if he read this or not!hahahah...Well I want to thank you for everything, for making me laugh always (coz your so weird sometimes..oh many staying so late in the net just to talk to me, even though your so damn tired.For really trying to open a different topic so that our conversation will not be boring. I hope you will not be bored of me, coz I'm the most boring person in the you for staying at me you really make me happy...Ingtz ka palagi mr.
P.S : "Lagi kung dinadasal sa puong maykapal na sana ikaw na,ang taong para sa akin at mamahalin ko.Kung hind naman sana katulad mo."( Try to scan your dictionary so that you will understand what I wrote...I told you I'm

***The secret to happiness is to learn how to appreciate all the things that you have. Live with what is yours.....If you can't have what you want, maybe you can like what you have now. Be contented but strive for your dreams in life. Enjoy life and trust God all the time.***

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"Don't Judge a book by it's cover"

Sometimes I feel like a book on a shelf.
Standing alone, I am all by myself.

People walk by to just pick me up and used me

Or just throw me down and hit or abuse me.

Their cares are my cover, or eye-catching title.

My contents and pages to them are not vital,

They couldn't care less, if I'm torn deep inside.

Just stroll right by with a strut or a stride
I want to just scream to let it all out.

I wish they could see what I'm really about.
I wouldn't care who is dumb or who's smart.

I would open to each with all my heart.

Why is our world so hung up on appearances? Why do we insist on judging people by their "covers" and never bother to find out what they're really about?

Why do we raise our noses, when we pass by someone who dressed wrong? Why do we ignore someone's answer to a question, because of the way he/she talks? Why do we pretend not to see the guy with the glasses and the pocket calculator? Why are we so insecure about ourselves that we have to make an outcast of anyone who is different?

In 1 Samuel 16:7 says that God does not judge by outward appearances, he looks at the heart. Why can't we learn to do the same thing?

It seems so ridiculous that people will shun some guy, because he is "too tall", "too skinny", "too short" or "not muscular enough, but it happens a lot. And girls are discarded because they're "too flat", "too tall", "too chubby", and "too skinny".

This kind of judgment happens at school , at church, at work and in other places. It influences our decisions on who gets to join clubs, who will be a class president, or who gets the promotion. But it gets really bad when we start looking for people to date or even to marry.

There are tons of women who can get operations, starve themselves, get their hair dyed, and so on. Good looking women aren't that hard to find! But it can be very difficult to find a woman who truly has a heart for God. You cannot go out and buy one of those. If you pass up a girl, because she does not fit your taste. Then you may end up the loser.

Women also do this tool if we are passing guys off, just because they do not work out enough or because they cannot gain weight or because they have a crazy looking haircut. Then we're not only being shallow and superficial, but we may be missing out on someone great.

I'm tired of seeing it happened. I am tired of catching myself doing it, and I am tired of having others do it to me. If appearances are what we value in others, then we might as well give up on human beings and spend out time playing with toys! If we only love at surface level well always have a loneliness inside, because well never learn to connect with others on a deeper level.

I think God did intend for us to enjoy and admire beauty and to do the best we can with what we have, but a face and body can only go so far. When you start getting to know other people and seeing beyond their looks, that is what is really beautiful.

Who cares about the beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon around a present? Some of the best present I've seen were wrapped in newspaper and given by loving friend!

I'm not just talking about the way we judge others. Learning to love also means learning to accept ourselves just as we are. To value our "contents" as well as our "cover" and work to be beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside.

If you feel frustrated because you don't feel like you are pretty enough or handsome enough. I hope you can begin to realized that when you get older most people value who you are more. After all the person inside, is the person God loves and he judges our lives by the book, not by the cover.

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My Future Husband, did it again!

James’s Season High Leads Cavs Over Grizzlies in OT

Cavaliers 132, Grizzlies 124 (F-OT)
MEMPHIS, Tenn., Jan. 15(AP) -- Now this is the way LeBron James likes to go for half a hundred.

James scored a season-high 51 points, including 25 in the fourth quarter and overtime, to lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 132-124 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday night.

It was the fourth time the league's leading-scorer has reached 50 points in his career.

"When we win, it means a lot. Every point counted tonight,'' said James, who is averaging 29.8 points. "I've lost a couple of games scoring 50 points, and I didn't like it too much. To have that accomplishment, and win the ballgame, means a lot.''

Cleveland improved to 2-2 in games James scores 50.

James made 18 of 28 shots and had nine assists and eight rebounds as the Cavaliers handed the Grizzlies their fifth straight loss. James' career high is 56 points against Toronto in March 2005. The 51 points matched the best scoring performance in the NBA this season. Denver's Allen Iverson had 51 against the Lakers on Dec. 5.

"LeBron is fantastic,'' Memphis coach Marc Iavaroni said. "I think he's got more passing ability than Magic (Johnson) because he can put it on a dime and with zip. It's a function of his ability to score. He allows people to get free. He's 6-foot-9, and he can see.''

"We don't like having to have a shootout,'' Cleveland coach Mike Brown said. "We've got to do a better job of finishing when we get up big, and a better job of focusing in on doing the correct things in terms of moving the ball. We had some bad turnovers.''

James had 13 points, and Gibson added 10 to help Cleveland take a 56-53 lead at halftime.

Navarro provided a spark for the Grizzlies with 11 first-half points, and Gay had 10.

James leads the league in scoring average in the fourth quarter with 9.4 points, and down the stretch in both regulation and overtime Cleveland had him running the show. In addition to the 25 points in the final two frames, James had four assists.

"We have a fourth-quarter team right now that's playing really good basketball,'' James said. "We didn't get stops like we usually get, but for some odd reason, we know how to execute on the offensive end. We make plays, and we make big plays.''

Note: This article taken from

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"Aubrey" was her name...

When I was a kid my pops told me about how he came up with my name. He told me that when I was in my mama's womb, while he's listening to he's favorite band (bread), he told my pregnant mom that , when that child came out....she will name "aubrey", without knowing that he's baby will be boy or, luckily I came out from the womb as a pretty girl..Am I? That's it my name inspired by a 70's song....My pops is a music lover and he really like bread, in fact until now he's cassette tape collection is still alive.

About Bread:

Bread was one of the most popular pop groups of the early '70s. They earn a string of well-crafted melodic soft rock singles. All of which were written by keyboardist/vocalist David Gates. A session musician and producer, Gates met in 1968 guitarist/vocalist James Griffin, who had already released a solo album called Summer Holiday. Griffin hired Gates to produce a new album, and the pair soon became a group, adding guitarist/vocalist Robb Royer from the band Pleasure Fair, who Gates had produced early in its career. Their first album failed, although it was filled with accessible, melodic soft rock that became the band's signature sound. Their second album “On the Waters” Bread established themselves as hit makers. "Make it with you," the first single released from the album, became a number one hit, which led to "It don't matter to me," a song taken from Bread, becoming a Top Ten hit. With On the Waters becoming a gold record, the group embarked on a tour, adding a full-time drummer Mike Botts to the lineup.

********Bread's 70’s Billboard Top 40 Singles**********

"Make It With You" 7/70 ..1
"It Don't Matter To Me" 10/70 ..10
"Let Your Love Go" 1/71 ..28
"If" 4/71 ..4
"Mother Freedom" 8/71 ..37
"Baby I'm-A Want You" 11/71 ..3
"Everything I Own" 2/72 ..5
"Diary" 5/72 ..15
"The Guitar Man" 8/72 ..11
"Sweet Surrender" 11/72 ..15
"Aubrey" 2/73 ..15 --my name....
"Lost Without Your Love" 12/76 ..9

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The heart breaking story...

The girlfriend confronts the ex- boyfriend.....

ex-girlfriend: How dare you play our song in your wedding day?
How dare you pick my favorite color as your motif?
How dare you choose our anniversary date as your wedding date?
How dare you look at me before you kiss your wife?

The ex-girlfriend breaks down and cry.............

ex-boyfriend: Because that's the last and only way I could pretend that your my wife.

---Even we know that we really love that person and willing to spend the rest of our life to him/her .We tend to be blind and pretend not to care, because we're too afraid to take the risk.....And the worst thing about it, we realized it when it's too late....when we lost that special person in our life. You can never turn back the time and you can never hold on the person you love once you let them go. “The moment you find someone that makes your heart beats, stop the search and take the risks...remember that the world is a big place that if you lose the one you love...You have to search the world again.”----

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I'm so paranoid!!!!!

This page is not Currently Available.........
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The Astrology of Love

***Study up! You might uncover your perfect match.***

Where there’s smoke, there's FIRE!

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius (also know as The Fire Signs) can sizzle with passion. They also tend to be impulsive, driven and lovers of the thrill of the chase.

When romancing a Fire Sign, it's of utmost importance to know how to maintain his or her interest. The Fire Signs love a challenge, especially in the romance department. The problem is that because they become bored far more easily than most other signs of the zodiac, they can be easily distracted when a new challenge comes along. Because of this, in order to keep your Fire Sign interested, you’ve also got to keep them guessing. In other words, predictability isn’t part of the package when it comes to someone of this element. To set a Fire Sign’s heart ablaze, you’ve got to fan the flames!

On the upside (or at least the side where you don’t have to work as hard), Fire Signs enjoy new experiences and make exciting partners. If you need a party date, a Fire Sign is the one to call; they’re usually great conversationalists. On that note, they also have a hard time resisting a playful sparring session. In fact, to a Fire Sign, it's the best kind of foreplay! In short, while it’s important not to be boring, with a Fire Sign, you’ll never be bored either. Charismatic and charming, they own (and expect to be) the center of attention.

If you're looking for romantic sparks, a Fire Sign is one hot ticket.

Exploring the FIRE Signs

LEO is the most romantic of the Fire Signs, but the lion’s desire for romance is only equal to his or her need for drama. Charming scene stealers who love the spotlight, they’re also steadfast believers in the concept of true love and can be easily swept off their feet by big displays of affection. They have sensitive egos and require a lot of affection and attention in a relationship.

Motto: Love will conquer all.

SAGITTARIUS can be the most fun among the Fire Signs since they're always up for an adventure. A relationship with a Sagittarius rarely gets stale, but they are most difficult to pin down because they do not like to settle down. When you're dealing with a Sagittarius, the thrill of the chase is of utmost importance, so it’s important to always keep them on their toes.

Motto: The grass is always greener.

ARIES is the most independent of the Fire Signs and is thereby likely to appear detached, which they sometimes are. However, Aries does welcome a challenge and will chase someone in whom they’re interested. Aries often view love as a game and flirtations are all part of it. Usually possessors of a great sense of humor, an Aries can keep you laughing. However, you'll have to be the flexible one in a relationship because this sign will not easily compromise his or her lifestyle for anyone.

Motto: Love is fun, but not required.

Down to EARTH…

Like a rocket scientist, the Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are logical, pragmatic and dependable. They are the most bottom-line oriented of the entire zodiac. Being the highly rational type, individuals born under an Earth Sign cannot relate to irrational outbursts or be bothered by frivolity. What they value and seek are security and stability.

When romancing an Earth Sign, dependability is vital - and punctuality scores extra. You can always count on an Earth Sign to do what they say, but keep in mind they will expect the same from you in return. And should you fail an Earth Sign, you'll be hard pressed to gain back his or her confidence or trust. Earth Signs have little patience for silliness, detest drama (especially in relationships) and like to see results in whatever they've invested their precious time. So don't waste your time - or your Earth Sign's - by crying over spilled milk. If you're looking for sympathy here, you won't get it. And remember, this common sense individual does not get in a relationship simply for a good time. In fact, they see all their relationships as serving some practical purpose in life.

Exploring the EARTH Signs

TAURUS is the most loyal of the Earth Signs and can be counted on for their reliability. However, you two had better be honest and committed because if a Taurus feels there is an issue of trust in a relationship, this bull will bolt! Stability craving Taurus is also the most romantic and affectionate of the Earth Signs and you can usually get to their hearts via their stomachs. One caution: never push a Taurus. The bull sign is very stubborn, and as the most hardheaded Earth Sign, the more you push - the more the bull will resist. To keep your Taurus happy, the key elements are food, comfort and plenty of hugs.

Motto: Feed me and I'm yours.

VIRGO is the most logical of the Earth Signs. They are not only analytical and rational but also everybody's biggest critic, so don't be surprised if they’re constantly critiquing you! On the upside, Virgo will work hard and examine all avenues in order to solve a problem. And while they may love to argue, they don't see it as a confrontation or attack but simply an exchange of ideas. Don't try to persuade a Virgo without grounding yourself in solid reasoning; it’ll never fly. Likewise, highly charged emotions or irrationality will cause your Virgo to lose patience quickly. What your Virgo requires is a lot of mental stimulation – intellectual conversation is their most exciting aphrodisiac, especially if they're learning something new.

Motto: Stimulate the mind and the body will follow.

CAPRICORN is the most practical of the Earth Signs as well as one of the most hardworking and ambitious signs of the entire zodiac. Even as a newlywed, don't be surprised if your Capricorn seems preoccupied with career. They are not known to be romantics, nor are they into emotions. But, they are excellent providers, protectors, and go to guys/girls. Capricorns value loyalty and are quick to defend those they love. Achievement-oriented by nature, they put an importance on status and material success. The more you can aid and support a Capricorn's interests and ambitions, the faster you'll win his or her heart.

Motto: You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

Coming up for AIR

As ephemeral as a summer breeze, AIR SIGNS (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are the most social creatures of the zodiac, and their social lives are an important part of their identity. Craving constant variety, they are typically not disciplined individuals, and while they are far from afraid to commit, they may not be cut out for it, as they can be superficial in their emotional development. While they may not be the best life partners, Air Signs are fun and lively companions whose unique charm may sweep you off your feet. When it comes to this breezy bunch, think energy… and sometimes, style rather than substance.

When romancing an Air Sign, don't let things get too habitual or your Air Sign may blow past, moving onto someone new, simply for change. Since Air Signs tend to be fickle, keep yours busy - and therefore happy - with little surprises and a good shakeup of venue/attitude/activity every now and then. The Air Signs embrace spontaneity, need mobility, and demand action. If you're up for an exciting challenge, let an Air Sign carry you away in his or her whirlwind.

Exploring the AIR Signs

GEMINI is the most adaptable of the Air Signs. They are friendly, flexible and charming - Gemini can fit in with most any crowd. Quick thinking and quick to speak, a Gemini can jump into any conversation with ease and just as easily hop from topic to topic. The sign of the Twins has the ability to see opposing viewpoints, and therefore, is often willing to compromise in an argument. However, a Gemini can change his or her mind at the drop of a hat, and often does. This may make them appear fickle or two-faced, and trying to keep up with their changing opinions may drive you crazy. Keep in mind that your Gemini is a natural born talker and can put a spin on any story that benefits them. They can also be easily distracted and need more variety than the other Air Signs. But they make fun and stimulating partners, ideal travel companions and stimulating conversationalists. Spontaneous and up for any change in plans, a Gemini loves to meet new people and see new places. After all, the Twins are born to have dual identities.

Motto: Variety is the spice of life.

LIBRA is the most charming (and likely to be partnered up) of the Air Signs. The sign of the Scales seeks out harmony and balance, and shrinks from conflict and discord. Don't create drama or put things in disarray if you want to keep your Libra happy. He or she would rather compromise than fight in order to keep the peace. For a Libra, companionship is a must. The Scales need another person in their life to feel balanced. If you need a dinner date that won't upstage or, worse, embarrass you, call a Libra. They are adept at the social graces, and making others feel at ease. They know how to behave properly given any situation. Their pleasant demeanor charms them into favor, which makes them even more charming. But, take note, their charm and magnetism can lead to indiscreet situations since people are constantly drawn to them, creating frequent temptations. Aesthetics play an important role for Libra who seeks out visual harmony and balance. You may find more Libras than any other sign who are artistically inclined.

Motto: Can't we all just get along?

AQUARIUS is the most unconventional of the Air Signs as well as one of the most unique and independent of the zodiac. Don't tell your Aquarius what to do or how to do it. They have their own way of doing things and no one can tell them otherwise. Commonly described as obstinate and unorthodox, the Aquarian delights in being different and going against the grain. They can stir up trouble just for the sake of it. Conspiracy theories, personal philosophies… Aquarians love their own groove/routine whether it makes sense to anyone else or not. Leave your Aquarian plenty of space to do his or her own thing and if you're understanding and accepting of their idiosyncrasies, as well as supportive of their causes and beliefs, you'll keep him or her happy. Aquarians are extremely social beings with lots of contacts. They can be spontaneous, stimulating and very interesting partners.

Motto: Don't tread on me.


The WATER Signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) are the most sensitive, emotional and romantic of the zodiac. They are dreamers who need a sympathetic ear, compassion and tender loving care. A Water Sign loves to be in love, and enjoys getting lost in the experience of love. A Water Sign seeks a spiritual connection with their lover, akin to a transcendental journey. However, lofty notions of love can color a Water Sign's judgment. The mythic fairy tale romance can sometimes leave them disappointed by the reality of relationships.

When romancing a Water Sign, it's important to do the little things that show you care. Surprise your Water Sign with small romantic gestures and it'll go a long way. Ignore their emotional needs and your Water Sign's love may fade away. But if you're sensitive to your Water Sign's changing moods and emotions, your relationship should proceed swimmingly.

Exploring the WATER Signs

CANCER is the homebody of the Water Signs. Many Cancers have a strong connection with their parents. They are also the moodiest of the Water Signs because Cancer's emotions are constantly going through different phases, like the moon, which is their ruling planet. Therefore, it can be difficult to predict your Cancer's moods. As trust is tantamount to Cancers, you must earn a crab's trust before they will expose their soft core. Comfort and security is also important in a partner to Cancers. They are perfectly content staying home with good food and someone they love, as a Cancer's home serves as their safe haven. Like a crab, they can appear tough on the outside, but are quite vulnerable beneath their shell. Thus, penetrating the shell requires patience and sensitivity. Cancers have a need to nurture the ones they love and need some nurturing in return. So, make your Cancer feel loved, secure and protected, and they'll never leave home.

Motto: Home is where the heart is.

SCORPIO is the most intense of the Water Signs. They may seem calm and placid on the surface, but you can be assured that there are strong emotions simmering just below the waterline, and they are often driven by these underlying emotions. Typically, Scorpios are very serious individuals who take their relationships just as serious, expecting complete, unequivocal loyalty. If you want to get anywhere with a Scorpio, do not cross them. If you do, it may take a lifetime for your Scorpio to forgive you, as they will never forget it. Scorpios have a tendency to be possessive, territorial and jealous. And because they do not usually reveal all that they are thinking, they can appear mysterious. Never one to naturally tip their hand, it takes extra effort to get into the head of your Scorpio. It takes time to develop a relationship with a Scorpio, but once you do, they can be one of the most intensely passionate lovers you will ever know because they aren't afraid to express their intensity. Demonstrate to your Scorpio that he or she is your number one priority, and your Scorpio will be forever yours -- with a passion!

Motto: Still waters run deep.

PISCES is the most compassionate of the Water Signs. They are also the most intuitive and self-sacrificing of the zodiac as they are often willing to forego their own interests for their partner's interests. More than any other sign, Pisces are keenly in tune with other people's emotions, which can be both good and bad. They pick up on the vibrations of the others around them like emotional sponges, and therefore, they can be highly influenced by others. Therefore, Pisces do not handle the negative emotions well. To compound things, they can be highly impressionable, so if you're feeling upset, your Pisces will too. Perhaps, this is why the Pisces are the real dreamers of the zodiac, preferring fantasy to the real world and getting lost in fantasies. So, put on a happy face, surround your Pisces with positive people, shielding them from the harsh realities of the world, and you'll keep your Pisces happy as a clam -- or fish.

Motto: I dream, therefore I am.

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My Future Husband Rocks!

Cleveland 93, Toronto 90

TORONTO, Jan. 6 (AP) -- For three quarters he was ordinary. Then, when it mattered most, LeBron James was unstoppable.

James scored 39 points, including 24 in the fourth, to help the Cleveland Cavaliers rally for a 93-90 victory over the Toronto Raptors on Sunday.

"In the fourth quarter, he was amazing,'' Cleveland coach Mike Brown said. "He just took the game over and put us on his back. What a tremendous, tremendous performance.''

James, who made eight of 10 field goal attempts in the fourth, said tuning out distractions helped his concentration.

"I just felt like I was out there by myself,'' he said. "Everything was going right for me and I just felt like I was out there in practice. The hoop felt like the ocean.''

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It's Sunday!

My Sunday Ritual

It's Sunday again!me and my family usually attend mass every Sunday, we're Roman Catholic. Our religion plays an important role in our family, we're not that religious like other family who really serve the church, but we always put God in the center of our lives. We make sure that we have time to go to the church. Unfortunately we're not complete in attending the mass today, because my mom is not feeling well, she can't attend the mass. Oh... we're not complete I hope my mom well get better! I really love my mom, we all do.Well as usual the mass is great, there are many people who attend the mass, we have a good priest and has a very good sense of humor.And it's a feast of the Epiphany, or the day the "Three wise men" finally found the baby Christ and offered him their gifts of gold. I really love Sunday because it's also our "family day", if my pops is not working we usually go to the mall to eat or watch movies.
Well right now we stay in the house, because we have a visitors now,there are also our neighbors here. My pops entertain them, they drink and sing ('Karaoke').....if you saw them now singing, you can't help yourself but to laugh. My family really loves 'karaoke' specially my pops....He really love music, that's why he name me 'aubrey' it's a song from bread. Right now I think our house will explode...hehehe, coz of there
I want to join them, but unfortunately I'm not born with a good voice...I love music but music doesn't love me....hehehe, well I it's already 10:00 pm now and they still singing. I can hear there voices, there laughters in my room while doing this question 'Karaoke' is the most favorite past time by Filipinos.

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The reality about love

My frustrating realizations:

You find the perfect love, but in the wrong time.
You find the perfect guy, but he's not in love with you.
You find the perfect guy, but you must be loyal to someone else.
You got the perfect looks, but no one takes you seriously.
You meet the perfect personality, but your bound to be just friends.
You got brains, but got a frail heart.
You find the courage, but it's just too late.
You're ready to love, but you don't know where to start.

Life is very frustrating.........

---I have everything...I have a good family who's always there for me, I have many good friends that I can lean on, I have a good job that can provide everything that I need. But I don't have someone to share all the good things that I possess right now. It's sounds stupid but it's true. ---

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After Holiday's

Back to work again!!!!!!

"Todays mighty oak is merely yesterday's little nut, that managed to hold it's ground"

Oh it's January 2, 2007 – It's time to work again from 4 days of no work! I'm tired!hehehe but I really miss my computer and my co-workers, especially the “angels” namely joanna, wiwit, darlyn and the adapted jayson..hahaha (sikat namo naamo sa ako blog) “Hello Guys”.....well my angels are not complete because jocel transfer to nighshift (“oh...!miss na teka mai”) and the last but not the least amielyn rivas the beautiful girl in the world ("i miss you yots, complete name nah ha, bold pa gyud!huwag you"), maka relate kah sa ako blog..hahaha. Well in all the jobs I went through this is the job that I really like it, I'm working in the peaceful environment now (walay pakialamay....hehehe). My co-workers and my bosses are all nice...even thought I don't know some of my co-workers ( I only know some of them with there beautiful faces..char!) and we can talk only if its lunch time, black-out, or the net is not working well. I want you all know that you're part of my life now...”thank you for being nice to me”. Back to work – Oh God! I have many emails and the Internet connection is not working well, damn smart bro!(help!!!lol). I'm hoping this well be re-solved....I'm worried about my emails, i'm sure there are many customer's complaining now.hehehe..ops!brb...the internet connection is back and it means I have to go back to work....bye

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It's New Year now!Time to make a resolution...

My New Year's Resolution

"God shall be my hope, my stay, my guide and my lantern to my feet" --William Shakespeare---

This year is my year....In my Chinese calendar I was born in the year of the “RAT”, 1984 to be exact. I'm hoping that this year will bring luck to my life. My new year's resolution are to focus on the things that I really wanted to achieve in my life, to be optimistic more, learn how to be patient and live life to the fullest. I'm planning to get a master's degree this year I hope I can make it! I have to set goals now, hey I'm already 23 (i'm old..hehehe). In the past years I've been focus on finding someone to love! unfortunately I've never found anyone. I always fall for a wrong guy, they make me fall and leave me hanging (stupid right?), to tell you honestly I never experience a true relationship..just an m.u (mutual understanding) thing! that's why I always get hurt. I'm always reaching for love and forget the word “patient”.I forgot about myself, my dreams... right now I've learned my lesson I should love my self first before loving someone. I don't want to look for someone anymore, “I'm so damn tired to shine for someone whose glance was never mine”lol. I'll just have to wait and learn to be patient....”Patience is a virtue” right? I want to apply it to my self now. Well I'm so lucky enough now I have a good family, good friends and a good job, the hell with lovelife!(hehehe, I'm just kidding), I'm happy with the people around me now (thank god!). I want to thank those people who's always there for me my friends and of course my family. To those people that I've hurt (if there's anyone)..."den's (opaw) dili na tika", I want to ask forgiveness and to those people who hurt me...well I already forgive you. I want to face the new year with a big smile, free from worries and with an open heart to face it's challenges that life may bring. I know that God is always with me. Good bless us all and have a happy new year...mwah.

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"Rat" is the chinese sign in the year 2008

If your born under this sign read this:

The Rat Personality

Of all the signs, the Rat symbolizes activity and charm.

It is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac; so, it fittingly represents (initiating) action. Depending on you to get things moving. There is constant mental activity with you. Even when you appear to be resting, your mind is working full speed. Most often you are devising a scheme to earn the most money with the least amount of work.

You are resourceful. What you might lack in competence you more than make up for with your quick thinking, shrewdness and outright deviousness. You are most effective using a direct, if not aggressive, approach to life. You tend to be proactive and are most comfortable basing decisions on logic.

Because they are constantly in their heads, they are often edgy and easily agitated. This state of agitation can quickly turn to annoyance and impatient when the Rat has to deal with those that are not as quick witted at the Rat. If the Rat can remain humble and understand his/her limitations, this Rat is a powerful force. However, if the Rat becomes to cocky and overconfident in its ability to get out of tight spots, the Rat may find itself in hole that no amount of smarts and charm will be able to help it climb out of.

The Rat in Relationships

In a word, the Rat is clannish. Although the Rat is frequently a star performer in social gatherings, the fact is they much rather prefer spending time with those few people they allow into their inner circle. The Rat prefers a partner who enjoys the company of their own family and very small group of close friends. Don’t expect the Rat to be thrilled about taking you to many large, social gatherings. The opportunistic Rat is great at turning on the charm and manipulating people. Because of their charm, Rats seldom have trouble attracting members of the opposite sex. Although they are romantic and fall in love easily, they size up potential mates with the same vigor as business deals and don’t usually rush into a committed relationship. Why even bother finding your way through the maze when you can get others to go fetch the cheese? Speaking of charm, my do you have and use it. You are adept at gaining our confidence and learning our secrets while holding on to your own. Furthermore, you are not beyond using the information to your advantage. Your charm serves you well as you are probably sociable and usually enjoy parties. You likely have a wide circle of friends, especially since you are probably attractive to members of the opposite sex. Nevertheless you are really a private person and, despite appearances, only allow a few people into your inner circle. You cherish those dearly and will do almost anything for them. Getting along with people is no problem for you, but make no mistake about it, you don’t tolerate incompetence.

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~"In Life many of us have done fighting in every way to survive, heard every painful truth, been in every heartbreaking scene and felt every dreadful feeling. We thought going through it will then make us realized that we have to stop the fight, to atleast save a little of ourselves. But you know whats funny? It's when it seems that we are so much tired of it, but still we can't just quit no matter how hard it is and we continue hoping that one day..well be able to find someone who could love us, not just "right" but "real"~
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