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It's New Year now!Time to make a resolution...

My New Year's Resolution

"God shall be my hope, my stay, my guide and my lantern to my feet" --William Shakespeare---

This year is my year....In my Chinese calendar I was born in the year of the “RAT”, 1984 to be exact. I'm hoping that this year will bring luck to my life. My new year's resolution are to focus on the things that I really wanted to achieve in my life, to be optimistic more, learn how to be patient and live life to the fullest. I'm planning to get a master's degree this year I hope I can make it! I have to set goals now, hey I'm already 23 (i'm old..hehehe). In the past years I've been focus on finding someone to love! unfortunately I've never found anyone. I always fall for a wrong guy, they make me fall and leave me hanging (stupid right?), to tell you honestly I never experience a true relationship..just an m.u (mutual understanding) thing! that's why I always get hurt. I'm always reaching for love and forget the word “patient”.I forgot about myself, my dreams... right now I've learned my lesson I should love my self first before loving someone. I don't want to look for someone anymore, “I'm so damn tired to shine for someone whose glance was never mine”lol. I'll just have to wait and learn to be patient....”Patience is a virtue” right? I want to apply it to my self now. Well I'm so lucky enough now I have a good family, good friends and a good job, the hell with lovelife!(hehehe, I'm just kidding), I'm happy with the people around me now (thank god!). I want to thank those people who's always there for me my friends and of course my family. To those people that I've hurt (if there's anyone)..."den's (opaw) dili na tika", I want to ask forgiveness and to those people who hurt me...well I already forgive you. I want to face the new year with a big smile, free from worries and with an open heart to face it's challenges that life may bring. I know that God is always with me. Good bless us all and have a happy new year...mwah.

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~"In Life many of us have done fighting in every way to survive, heard every painful truth, been in every heartbreaking scene and felt every dreadful feeling. We thought going through it will then make us realized that we have to stop the fight, to atleast save a little of ourselves. But you know whats funny? It's when it seems that we are so much tired of it, but still we can't just quit no matter how hard it is and we continue hoping that one day..well be able to find someone who could love us, not just "right" but "real"~
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