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It's Sunday!

My Sunday Ritual

It's Sunday again!me and my family usually attend mass every Sunday, we're Roman Catholic. Our religion plays an important role in our family, we're not that religious like other family who really serve the church, but we always put God in the center of our lives. We make sure that we have time to go to the church. Unfortunately we're not complete in attending the mass today, because my mom is not feeling well, she can't attend the mass. Oh... we're not complete I hope my mom well get better! I really love my mom, we all do.Well as usual the mass is great, there are many people who attend the mass, we have a good priest and has a very good sense of humor.And it's a feast of the Epiphany, or the day the "Three wise men" finally found the baby Christ and offered him their gifts of gold. I really love Sunday because it's also our "family day", if my pops is not working we usually go to the mall to eat or watch movies.
Well right now we stay in the house, because we have a visitors now,there are also our neighbors here. My pops entertain them, they drink and sing ('Karaoke').....if you saw them now singing, you can't help yourself but to laugh. My family really loves 'karaoke' specially my pops....He really love music, that's why he name me 'aubrey' it's a song from bread. Right now I think our house will explode...hehehe, coz of there
I want to join them, but unfortunately I'm not born with a good voice...I love music but music doesn't love me....hehehe, well I it's already 10:00 pm now and they still singing. I can hear there voices, there laughters in my room while doing this question 'Karaoke' is the most favorite past time by Filipinos.

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