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Happy New Year....

Today is New Year’s eve and it’s also the birthday of my younger brother “happy birthday baby…wish you all the best in life..I love you bro...muah” . This is supposed to be the busiest day of my life helping mom in preparing foods for my bro’s birthday as well as for New Year’s celebration. But since I have this thing called “fever” I always caught myself lying in bed…arrgggg... It’s New Year and yet I have a fever…unlucky me huh?

Even thought I'm suffering from a bad luck that doesn't mean I wouldn’t be enjoying my New Year’s celebration. I have to thank my mom and dad for taking care of me, checking me every minute if I’m alright while I’m lying in my bed. Well after all the pampering given to me it makes me feel better so I decided to go out in my room. We have visitors our neighbor who just live nearby, they already started their karaoke session. When the clock ticks at 10:00 the karaoke marathon is over, they all go home to be with their families also. We went to church to participate in New Year's Eve mass, after the mass went home and we celebrate new year with gladness in our hearts.

****Picture time****

with our neighbors having karaoke......

Mama and Papa ; Baby bro and I....

with our cousin Jerick

The birthday boy with the bottle of wine....

Anyways like other people I’m looking forward for this year to come, hope this year brings a good vibe to me. Hmmm…I should take a look for my horoscope for this year…hahaha…just kidding. Well this year (2008) offers me a lot of blessings, many things happened that makes me feel so bless and for that I’m very thankful to God. Next year hopefully all the things that I’m planning for 2009 will be possible. I should take one step at a time in order to fulfill my plans, well good luck to me and to all of you hope we have a good year to come!

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3 Cinderella's Commentos:

Engr. Cesar Noel said...

Happy New Year Brey!

♥perpetuaL bLiss♥ said...

waw kaLami!

gigutom nah kaau q! ahaha.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Ooohh, your younger brother is very cute ;)

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