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Eversun's 2009 Christmas Party....

It’s another year again to spend my Christmas Party in Agents of Value or Eversun. I’m glad I’m still here in this company and it’s a pleasure to be part of this event again .I’m looking forward for next year’s party, hopefully I’m still be part of it. Anyway our Christmas party happened in Mergrande resort, located at Dumoy not too far from our house. It’s a nice party hosted by our admin, the place, the food is good and I’m satisfied with it. It’s an evening that is full of fun everything goes well, the prizes is extremely satisfying. And you can tell there’s a big improvement in this year’s party if you’re going to compare it last year.

I don’t regret the fact that I join this year’s party not even a single one because I know that I really do enjoy it. I’m thankful and proud that I won an award…hahaha…guess what?I won as Ms. Congeniality. I know the word “Congeniality” means but I don’t know that it would fit to my personality, did I? And my prize for that award is a 4gb USB, which is very useful for me. Some of my officemates received an award also and I’m glad that my three kumare is on the list, Wiwit as Ms. Coffemate (“sige man guro kah pangayu coffemate mads..hehehe”), Beverly as Best in Attendance (“idol gyud tika mads next year mag naning ko para ma best in attendance..LOL”) while Joanna as Ms. Courteous (“courteous?hmmm..napaisip ko mads I know pati ikaw..haha..just kidding mads, seriously I know you deserve it MARENG!”).

***Gift for Michael and Wilmer ; My award from AOV***

Every Christmas party I'm looking forward for the exchange gift...that's my favorite aside from food..haha. Well I'm glad I received a Lebron James tarpaulin..weeee...thanks Geoff!...and we have also exchange gift with my night shift friends I received a shirt from Majar..thanks grade 5....

***Gift that I received from Majar and Geoff...***

***Jacob and Me on stage while receiving our award...naks cob..meant to be?LOL***

***Picture taken from the party....***

To view all the picture from the party Click here

***Oh well that night is a memorable night to us we didn’t expect that it turns up that good. Thanks for to the effort of the admin the party ends successfully.

After the party we went to Mcdo Matina then attend the 9 mornings (simbang gabi) at ATENEO gym.....

Picture2x time with friends....
I went home 8 in the morning, tired but it's a good experience.....See you all next Christmas Party!muah...Merry christmas.....CIAO...

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Engr. Cesar Noel said...

Naka blog na gyud siya about sa sa Party...unhan pa ko

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