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The So called "Break-Up"

How do I begin this post...***gasp*** ("I need to breath")Ok...after how many months of battling from trials my so called "relationship" finally comes to end...hahahay...I though we can surpass the obstacles we're facing in our relationship.I keep on praying and hoping that one day this trials will be over, but I guess my prayer didn't answer especially if your the only one making an effort to work it out.I didn't say that he doesn't make an effort to make our relationship work, actually we both struggle to make it work ("really struggle") but most of the effort comes from me. For me I don't care I love him and I want to gave my all, well now I realized that love isn't the key to make the relationship last. I love him too much maybe because of that he choose to leave, I don't know what's real reason all I know is there's a third party involve not at my part but him. I have my own faults too I become too possessive and insensitive in some area. Actually I can say that "I really hate him so much, because of that", but honestly if I listen to my heart I don't feel any grudge towards him although I keep on crying every night, thinking all about the memories. I really can't explain my side now I know I'm in pain and I felt I'm wasted, but at the back of every tear for me he's still a good person I really don't know, maybe I'm just stupid to believe that. And one thing it's very weird I know I am weird but this thing keep on lingering in my thoughts that I'm hoping that one day he will be back and everything will be fine!("thats stupid!hate it..."). But I don't want my hopes up cause I already did that but unfortunately it doesn't work, I promised to myself not to tolerate my stupidity ("I hope so"). I really hate memories that thing haunt me over and over again, I'm the type of person that can remember almost anything whether it's a happy memories or a sad one.Hahay I really miss him...I missed the way he smile, hes crazy jokes("i remember the day he's wearing he's taliban outfit...that's really funny he really look like one of the abbu sayyaf member...and one thing he ate a popsicle, knowing that it's so cold in he's place it's snowing he said he did that to feel that he's in the tropical country...he's really crazy")..I missed he's voice when he talk and when he sings at me ("he's the only guy who sings at me")... I missed he's humor when we chat, I have to stop this it's very depressing...***sigh***..Oh well I'm almost ok right know...almost?hehehe, It's hard to move on, even we know it's just a simple two words...but by doing that you really have to struggle. Good thing I have my friend Jessa who keeps on comforting me over the net...("thanks girl..I really appreciate that.."), she's living in U.S now with her husband. I really don't know where to start to move on , even my boss told me to keep busy ("thanks Mark"). As off this moment I keep myself busy, I made another lay-outs for my upcoming blog. I know time will heals all the wound, I hope it will...Even though it was a short love story but I'm glad I meet him and I really don't know if I can love again the same way I love him, if he only knew how painful it is for me. I have to fake my smile to everyone just to came up strong and every night I'm subbing with tears...."i don't want to fall in love again"...arrrggg....

*guys can be such ignorant, egotistic, and dense assholes. enough said.
*ldr -long distance relationship is not a healthy relationship, so don't try it.
*Don't love much cause love can weaken a relationship.
*Just trust a little don't give everything cause sometimes it's just a waste.

P.S : "I hope you will find your happiness and I hope she's the right girl that I've been praying for you from the day we meet and until now. I wish I am but I failed....well sorry for the things that I've said and I want you to know that I don't have any grudges for you even you really hurt me...ingats"

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6 Cinderella's Commentos:

jean said...

how sad:( cge lng gud... ingon pa si juday sa Sharon kagabie- na"Wait for the ryt man.. hindi ka man magkakaroon ng perfect life atleast you will have a good life"

Ganyan talaga brey..Sabi nga nila.. "tiwala sa isat-isa ang kelangan sa isang relationship.."

Toinkz..murag si hawod ako noh?? ahay,,.

bevs said...

Helo brey...
Cry if you have to and let the tears wash away the bitterness that you feel. Look back and smile for somewhere in the past, love has found a home in your heart. Life doesn't end where our heartaches begin.
It only ends when we give up on ourselves and the love that we have in our hearts. Pray lang, kaya lage na...

Anonymous said...

alL i want to say is "Nganong gitiaw.tiawan...." ayaw kabalaka , think positive, things happen for a reason...:)

-mOlit- said...

halu dai..hmmmm how sad naman...:(.. aja!... kaya lagi nimo na...Prayer is always the best key parin to mend broken hearts...:)) ... everything happen 4 a reason, be brave nalang!...aja! kaya mo lagi na...cry2x lang if dili na makaya...AJA!

Leah said...

It hurts to know that somebody cut you open best..without realizing the jewel he is losing..

He might find another gurl to love.But, still the mark of Cinderella wouldn't banished.

Everything is real best, and you can't turn your back just to suppress the pain. Perhaps, no room for you to pretend that things are fine.

If only I can search the other pair of Cinderella's shoes at Ebay or Amazon?? I'll do it.:)

I'll give it to the perfect guy who will cherish you the way your Dad take care of you from the start.

Best, Life isn't perfect...yet..

"Give everyone the freedom to not like you, trust in your uniqueness and let live..."

Be it!

Engr. Cesar Noel said...

Kaya mo yan!

~"In Life many of us have done fighting in every way to survive, heard every painful truth, been in every heartbreaking scene and felt every dreadful feeling. We thought going through it will then make us realized that we have to stop the fight, to atleast save a little of ourselves. But you know whats funny? It's when it seems that we are so much tired of it, but still we can't just quit no matter how hard it is and we continue hoping that one day..well be able to find someone who could love us, not just "right" but "real"~
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