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Davao Cyber Expo seminar....

Actually when I got this news from Kuya Cesar, I don't have any intention to go...cause I want to stay at home, but since Lyka wants to go to parlor I accompany her and it's worth it cause she treat me to get some manicure...("Thanks Lyka"). Well after that we go to NCCC for the seminar we're late it's supposed to be 1:00 pm but we arrived 3:00 pm..hahaha..very late. But it's ok cause the seminar started also late, the first part of the seminar is about the 3D Designing and Animation, how to use the Blender and Lighwave 3D...("frankly speaking I really don't understand what the speaker saying..hahaha..maybe because my mind is thinking something else.") After that it's Adobe Acrobat 9, I like the host he speak very lively and he keep on giving freebie like pen, shirts and the last one that I wish I have it the Adobe Photoshop Elements for Dummies book, sadly I didn't get anything. Well other topic in the seminar is about Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress. We didn't finished the seminar cause we're a little bit hungry. So we decided to eat in KFC with my colleague and went home tired.

Here's our picture:

Inside the seminar with Lyka

At KFC with John, Lyka and Cyrel...nice smile John...hahaha

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5 Cinderella's Commentos:

Ice 9 Web said...

yeah i was there and just said to myself "everything indeed happens for a reason"
Eto nga post ko about the seminar (^_^)

Keith said...

I would hav e gone, except....Davao is very far away for me

I am in California. I will have to stay posted

Keith said...

Kumusta ka? I hope you are having fun in this cyber world. I am preparing to further my world teaching english.... Offers in Davao not so enticing.

Shame. I rather love Mindanao. But I am sure i will come back there again. God bless, K

xenthur said...

ows ni ad2 diay mo ato? naa mn pud me

ato nga time pero 10 minutes lang me

dd2 kay nghawa daun me..wahahaha...

marites1034 said...

hello..sana, may davao bloggers seminar no? i always get the info late kasi:)

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