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Thank God it's Friday

Yesterday it's our payday obviously we are all excited about it, who the hell is not excited?hahaha...but the weather doesn't coincide with our emotion ,the sky suddenly turns to gray and in a minute it rains. Many of my co-worker find it hard to go home including me, all the vehicle are all loaded..Well at least Jayson and Rodney is there, we eat dinner cause we're already starving waiting and standing in the rain. After dinner we went home and Rodney let me barrow he's umbrella("such a gentleman huh?"hahaha, thank you my friend..mwah"). I went home and my feet is wet and cold..argg for whatever reason I really don't want my feet gets wet. Good thing last night I'm wearing wedge it's not that hard to walked in the rain, it would be worst if I wear stiletto .While making this post I am suffering with a terrible headache and this so called girl thing "dysmenorrhea".I really wanted to go home early but unfortunately we have a general meeting, so it means I have to stay longer here in the office.Thank God it's Friday and it means I will enjoying my two days day-off again. Tomorrow me and my seat mate here Lyka("who is texting at this minute..pssst") will go out. We want to try facial at Mendez facial care center located at S.M. and take advantage of her freebies in Chowking..weeeee....I will post it here what will happened in our bonding so watch out for that, hopefully tomorrow I will get better so that I will enjoy our bond..."To all my friends have a blessed and happy weekend...mwah all"..Princess Cinderella is signing-out.

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2 Cinderella's Commentos:

mAryLyka said...

Hello Brey laag jud diay ta anih huh?! Hehe! sorry ha, mali ako pagsabot sa free sa chowking ky dpat sa may-july ang mga receipts. Unfortuntely ala ko ana nga mga date sa resibo nko. huhuhu! cge lng eat jpon ta..weeeeeh :)

Princess Cinderella said...

helo lyks..salamat sa comment ..nah!unsaon mani wla na ang free..hahahayyyy..manukad gyud tah ani abi naku ma libre ko nimo..hahaha...ok rah sa daplin lang tah mag eat...

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