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MV Princess of the stars tragedy.....

"The MV Princess of Stars passenger ferry sticks out of the water off the coast of Sibuyan island in the central Philippines June 23, 2008. Twenty-eight passengers from the capsized passenger ferry were reported alive in the central Philippines on Monday but more than 800 remain missing after the ship sank during Typhoon."

***This is one of the tragic events hits the a Philippines,It's very distressing whenever you watch news in different station,you saw the pleading of the abandon family, seeking for help and patiently waiting for the arrival of there love one/s dead or alive. My heart cries when I saw the tears from them, it's not easy to lost someone you love and it's not easy either knowing they died because of a tragic accident hits them. It's just like one snap of the finger, try to imagine this scenario: you accompany your love one/s in the wharf and then suddenly after a few days you will heard in the news that the ship collapse and you know that your love one/s is one of the passenger on that ship...tell me if it's easy. It's not right?No one knows it will happened. And the worst case you didn't know if your love one/s is still alive or if ever they are dead there's no assurance that you will get the chance to recover their bodies.Cause in the recent report form the coastguard some of the dead bodies they dig is already decay, and it's hard to identify it.I hope the Sulpicio lines will be responsible enough to give help for the abandon family and also the government must act well ("I'm devastated in our government,some senators or almost of them didn't extend there help for this people. Like Manny Villar I'm kinda like this senator but now I don't know if he win my vote next election. Cause in he's add he can give fare to the OFW's who wants to go back in the Philippines, but he can't even give a single penny for the fare for these abandon love one/s wants to fly to Cebu to see if the decay bodies found is they're relatives. I know Sulpicion Lines is responsible for this, but your a Filipino also and a senator help this people!And for the President, go back to the Philippines your needed here can you be sensitive enough!Dumb the Philippine government").Let's pray for the souls of the victim of this tragedy as well us for the healing of there abandon family, atleast for this small gesture we can help them.***

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3 Cinderella's Commentos:

jean said...

how sad:(

pau said...

it kills me to hear that story over and over again. :(

Anonymous said...

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