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Rice Shortage!

On my way to the office I saw many people fall in line, in one particular store near the barangay post ("Ah it's an NFA store, that's why"). I was amaze cause the people who falls in line is suddenly increasing, well when I saw it last week its about 10 to 15 people who patiently waiting in line but now it's thrice the number as last week. When I saw the news last night no wonder cause the price of rice reaches almost to 50 pesos per kilo("gush!what the heck!") it's more expensive than in Manila's price. Knowing Mindanao is the "Food Basket" of the Philippines, what happened to the "Promised Land-Mindanao" that is rich in terms of agriculture. I smell something fishy here, hmmm maybe some of the business man or supplier of rice tend to conceal all there stock, just to take advantage on what is so called "rice shortage". I'm thinking ***sigh*** what will happened to some people or family who doest enough money to provide there daily needs?who can't afford to eat three times a day and to those people who live in the street ("hahay..kawawa naman**teary eyed**"), there suffering is double as before just because of some self-centered and rude businessman.While starring at them I can say to myself I am lucky enough, cause I mean I don't need to fall-in line just to bought rice. My dad is working in one of the company that provide 1 sack of rice to their employees monthly ("Yeah we're lucky enough and I thank God for that blessing"). . It's really distressing but that's reality now in the Philippines. When your poor you become poorer and when your rich you become richer ,if there's a way to change this scenario. I wish I have this magic wand so that I can turn those rude rich people to rat..hahaha, silly but if it's possible why not!right?. I just hope and prayed that the Philippine Government will come-up a ripest solution about this crisis happening in the country, instead of debating to each other.***hahay... God save this country...***

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2 Cinderella's Commentos:

jean said...

ahay... thankful ka talaga... huhuuhuh short na jud ta sa rice.. huhuhu unsaon nlng ni?? doon nga sa province namin na maraming rice farm eh short din eh... dito pa kaya sa davao,,,

sendzki said...

ahh....nagamahal pa gyud ang rice..ang dating 5 pesos per cup...8-10 na!! wahhh...wala nay laing barato na fastfood huhu

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