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Romantic Princess

I'm always been a huge fan of Asian Telenovela's. The first Asian Telenovela I watch is "Meteor Garden" I love F4 especially Vanness Wu. I still remember the time back in college, me and my colleague giggles whenever we talk about meteor garden we even skip classes for that..psst...just only once.We collect stickers, pictures and other memorabilia...A fanatic indeed..I miss that time ***sigh***. Since the "Meteor Garden Fever" hit the Philippines, many Telenovela from Asian countries appear. Right now I already finished "Romantic Princess" yeah I know it was still air in Abs-cbn, well because of high technology pirated Dvd invented..hahaha, as a loyal citizen in this country I'm taking advantage of it..hahaha.

Romantic Princess is a fantasy fairy tale a story of a girl adopted by middle classed parents, Mai or Xiao Mai played by Angela Chang has always had a dream to be an heiress.Who knew that one day this dream would come true. Mai's biological grandfather is the head of the prestigious aristocratic family and after many years of searching,he finally finds his long lost grand-daughter. As she starts her life as an heiress, everyday is filled with excitement, however everything seems a bit different from what she imagined them to be.She meet Nan Feng Jin played by Wu Chun who soon will be the successor of Huangfu but refuse the tittle.

This series full of twist, romance, and comedy...although this is supposed to be a drama,at start it is when Xiao Mai discover she's adapted and find it hard to accept the reality.But as the story goes you will found out it's more on comedy,don't worry you don't have to prepare a hanky or a bucket for your's worth watching for, well to tell you honestly the ending is not that good although it's a happy ending but you will find out in the end it's all about the creative imagination of xiao mai, the story is created by her imagination. A certified fantasy indeed.But the twist of the story is good,***wink*** and you will intimidate by the cuteness of Wu Chun ("I love Wu Chun...if happens he will become my bf, I will not sleep or eat I will stare at he's face 24/7..hahaha")

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