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The Exam....

Right now I'm here in my pc doing this post I can't help visualizing on what will gonna happen tomorrow, in few hours from now I well see myself as well as my co-workers sitting in our station and taking exam that our company prepared for us. It's a "skills testing exam" for their agents, our schedule is tomorrow V.A, Link builder, and Writers. Honestly I'm not ready, who said were ready?none of us is ready...hahaha...actually we don't have any idea on what the exam will gonna be all we know it's a multiple choice. Although there is a hint given to us like Keyword Research, Article Writing,Link Building Strategy and Searching for Link Partners. For nine months of staying in our company I've never experience this thing...yeah I know some simple seo and link building just because I'm frustrated to have a page rank on my blog.Actually we have different task and I considered myself as fortunate?...hahaha,well my task is very relaxing I'm just answering emails from my client customers or you can call me a "customer service representative" just that easy. If the exam will be some sort of seo and link building I know I will be failed,I have to cross my fingers for my stupid premonition .I don't want to failed that's one sort of embarrassment on my part. I'm kinda nervous right now.Hopefully God will answer my prayer to help me get through the examination without sweat.Please pray for me and to all my co-workers..hahaha....I felt like I'm in the death row tomorrow...Am I weirdo?nah.....just 80% of it....goodluck to all of us guys...cheers!

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