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Watch Iron Man with my friend Ice....

Due to my hectic schedule ("hectic gyud?"hahaha) being a movie buff is out of my circulation lately. Well finally last Friday I was able to go to cinema, I'm dying to watch "Iron Man" in the big screen ("I know it's already late ,but it's better to be late that never.Right?"). I want to watch it in a big screen I don't want to download it nor bought a pirated DVD of that.Honestly I find it hard to find someone who can accompany me in watching "Iron Man"("I don't have bf, thats why =(") , all my pareng and mareng in the office are busy. Good thing when I asked Ice to watch a movie with me she immediately replied "yes" without a second thought("Thanks Ice").

"Iron Man" in my own view is the best marvel movie I've seen this year so far. The special effects in this movie exceeds my expectation quietly. The lead star Robert Downey Jr. known as "Tony Stark's" in the movie, make an impressive remarked in portraying he's role. While Gwyneth Paltrow is still the sexy Gwyneth P., portray the role of "Pepper Pots" Tony's loyal secretary. In this movie it doesn't exposed her acting that much which is also good, cause it's really focus on the lead character. Jeff Bridges played as a "villain" in this movie makes an outermost remarked in playing the role. Terrance Howard played as "Rhodey" one of Starks colleagues, who has a military background, well like Gwyneth he's exposure is limited but it's alright. All the cast in this movie two thumbs up...GOOD JOB!

If ever you failed to watch this I suggest you should watch it, cause it's worth every penny you spend.Synopsis? Sorry I don't want make a synopsis of this so that you can able to stimulate your senses, especially those people who didn't watch it. Well I can tell you the ending... Tony Sparks revealed that he's the "Iron Man" during the press conference.Then lastly this is amusing Tony received a message from Col. Nick Fury offering him to join the team of "Avengers" lead by "Captain America" ("I wonder maybe in "Iron Man 2", the avenger makes a special appearance...hmmm I can't wait to see that.")

We enjoyed the movie so much that's why we repeat it twice ("but it's useless cause we end up talking instead...ahahaha...diba ice???thanks Ice I enjoy watching this movie with you..mwah")

Taking Picture inside the cinema with Iron Man in the middle, Ice made it...("naks!maganda pero nakakatawa")

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3 Cinderella's Commentos:

Aice Nice Concepts said...

ahihih nice lagi imong synopsis dari ^_^

very nice review

oh english version pud ^_^

meron tagalog?


wITChy Boop said...

ay ganahan ko danhi... pwede i-link taka cinderella? Witch baya ko..hihihi

stev & emz said...

hi Cinderella! good for you that you were able to watch movies.. since i got here in US never got the chance talaga.. hope hubby will take us someday. anyhow i got a tag for ya in this lin >> see ya there ok! take care!

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