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My 1st year anniversary party experience in Eversun.

I woke up exactly 7 in the morning eat my breakfast, take a bath, clean my room and had a little surfing on the net. Then after that I prepare my clothes for tonights party..hehehe(“hindi halata na excited,prepare gyud?”).To tell you honestly I'm excited maybe because I miss some of my friends in the night shift and of course it's time to unwind for awhile, away from our computer and task.(“hey it's time to relax and enjoy”). We arrived I think 7:00 p.m. in the office (“Me,mads Jo,Bevs and Darlyn wala si Wiwit kasi nag kasakit daw..hmmm”). The party held at the rooftop of our office, I saw Kuya Cesar, Ice and Kuya Mic seems very busy that night (“hmmm..bakit kaya?any idea Ice”), and suddenly beautiful Lyka approached us and gave our name tag. After that we find place to stay and we found Ariel and the rest of our friends in the other corner so we decided to go there and wait for the program to start. Taking pictures while talking.

Suddenly Ma'am Ivy announced that the program will be started in a few minutes. Well the program starts smoothly Ma'am Ivy started it,then the prayer lead by Clent. The first and the last performer in that evening is the group of Ate Aweng I called it group because I don't know some of them except for Ate Aweng and Kiev. I was amazed when Ate Aweng sings (“she has a very good voice, a smooth voice that you wont be tired to played it over and over again, Naks!te may hidden talent ka pala.”). After a while dinner is served, wrapped in Styrofoam. I though it was a buffet dinner but it wasn't, no choice but to eat it (“Aubrey libre nah ayaw nah pag inarte diha..hehehe”). Actually the food was not that satisfying, except for the salad ***toinks!(“sorry God I know many people terribly needed food and here I am complaining..and knowing it's free so stop complaining Aubrey!hahaha”) but no worries I still enjoying my meal because of the serene voice of Ate Aweng, serves as a background music while were eating.

Well dinner is over and back to the program again, I though Ma'am Ivy will be the emcee in that evening but she introduced another person to be the emcee. I don't know him honestly he's face is not that familiar to me, he's a night shift agent.Well he started quite good by he's silly jokes. We laugh for a while one thing I don't get it is he keep on blaspheming words just to make us laugh, which is not funny anymore. Knowing our bosses are there, he doesn't mind what came out to hes mouth. I know it's not easy to stand in front just to entertain people, but as far as I'm concern you don't need to throw blaspheming words in order to entertain a crowd. I don't want to sound so rude but what I wrote here is based on my observation, so respect it.

The program starts good but in the end we are all cheesed off, I wanted to participate in the game but I lost my interest due to “kababuyan effects”hahaha. Well thanks to Ate Aweng without her serene voice that night is laying waste and Kuya Cesar for taking pictures, he become a professional photographer that evening. If I'm going to rate this party from 1-5, my rate will be 2 for the talent of Ate Aweng, Kuya Cesar and for the effort of Ma'am Ivy and the rest of our bosses to make this party possible. The party is far from my expectation, I though it will be an enjoyable night. I'm bent out of shape that night but anyway it's a bitter pill to swallowed***wink***.

Photos taken by Kuya Cesar and some came from my phone.

P.S. :For the 2nd emcee sorry but next time try to avoid word such as “putang-ina” and other inappropriate words, cause some people doesn't want to hear that. You don't have to swear words just to entertain people.Just walk on eggs before you said anything.***wink****

Idiomatic Expression:
*bent out of shape- being upset
*cheesed off - being bored
*walk on eggs - be cautious
*bitter pill to swallow-something unpleasant that ones must accept

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9 Cinderella's Commentos:

PerpetuaL bLiss said...

1st to comment! hakak! sikat npd q dari madz . hehe . anywayz, i did not expect nga boring na d'i ang party after i left . maybe because all of them were not that prepared, except of course sa mga performers . and i agree when you said ate aweng has a nice voice . 'pde nka te!' hehe . thankz sa pic madz, kLarex kaU tah dara . hakak! nice pozt ke detailed kaau, gkan jd sa pgmta hantud sa nahuman ang party . WOW oi . hehe . mwuah! Ö

Nessa said...

Hi Princess Cinderella!

Yeah, some people try so hard to entertain that they forget to be sensitive to others' feelings. I hope you enjoyed the party nevertheless :)

BTW, I have a simple tag for you!

Japanese Name

Geofferson said...

hi there... jeff here... read ur blog... no probs with me on your opinion... nagpaalam ako sa office with regards to what i have to say...and the "putangina" and all that "kababuyan" is simply part of everything whenever you go to stand-up comedy bars... and as expected the crowd is not mature for pornographic/adult comedy... not my fault though... it would have been worst if you go to comedy bars... talagang lalaitin ka ng lalaitin ke si hoda mapikon ka... the show is not about being a professional or whatever... it's supposed to be a night of dirty comedy just as any stand-up comedy bars offer... go try checking out some bars (that's if you party) and see for yourself so you wouldn't feel offended... great day ahead.

Darlyn said...

hi brey.. correction sobra naka 7pm na abot in short late na pud ka sa atoang sabot.. heheheh

well about the party dili siya bagay sa imoha kay minor pa ka.. react gani ang mga olds na...

react lng sgro ta kay wla pa man gud ta nakaadto gay bars... hmmmm.. at least nakaexperience ka ug kababuyan effect... wla kaau ko nagreact nabunogl man gud ko ato na tym....

Reminder to us "We should be careful to treat other people because we can be easily hurt".

jean said...

hi brey,... heheheh late akong comment..cge lng mag comment japon ko.. ehheheh na impress ako bah,, super detailed jud.. gikan sa imong pagmata hantod sa pinaka last.. hehehe mwahh girl..

Princess Cinderella said...

To Jeff :
Jeff thank you for the comment and the visit. I don't want to offend you or anyone regarding on my post and it wasn't my intention either. This is my personal blog, an online diary to be exact. I write about the things that happened to me including my sentiments about the things that I have encountered, as what I wrote above “you don't have to agree in everything that I say”.In fairness to you Jeff you tried your best to entertain us, I know it's not easy to stand in front facing lots of people trying to get there attention (“kahit ako di ko kaya yun”**wink**).Honestly when Ma'am Ivy announced that you will be the host in that evening, first came into my mind (“This is fun”, honestly because your a gay and I know gay is expert in providing a good entertainment. I have many gay friends and I love hanging out with them.”).I know in myself you are a good host, but I am shocked when you utter a blaspheming words many have noticed it, maybe I'm just one who is vocal enough to write my sentiments. I wasn't born in a geezer hood time, I know what's happening in a comedy bars, but this is a one year anniversary of the company, I never thought that the scene of that program will be like that either anyone of us. To sum it up before you stand in front and do your thing you should inform your audience, cause some have a conservative view on things(“nag text unta daw kah daan oi..juk”). I hope if time comes and our path crossed here in the office you will not resent me(“tagad-tagad sad yots ha..mwah”). Btw how did u learn about my blog? sikat na d'i aqng blog? juk!...

bevs said...

Hi brey! Nice post ah? detailed kaayo..ehehe..Well, same here I didn't mean to offend somebody. I was so disgusted with those "words" being uttered and to sum it up, Na surprised ko nga wla man di surprises?ehehe Peace! :) Nice brey! You have all the right to show your unbridled sentiments, just try to be naive sometimes..hehehe atik lang..Love you, mwah!

Geofferson said...

sus ako pa wa ko na offend uy... no probs yun... actually usap kami ni ma'am neth nun... ana ko if i will host for the event in the "lalake" sense of it...i'm more often stiff (ana man gud pag kasal, pageant or whatever nga kinahanglan ko mag judge o magyawyaw) kinda stiff... ana man si ma'am nga gusto daw niya mag-stand up comedy... so at first nagmugna ko ug script para lang sure na dili below the belt ang mga tira kay basi tawon masumbagan ko after since napansin ko na talaga ang crowd ng office na medyo reserved... so mao to... and ana man si ma'am neth ok lang daw since wala naman daw under 18... so i did that...medyo mahirap in fairness kasi nde ako pwede pumuna ng pumuna ng mga nasa paligid (aside from the fact nga layo ang tanan) and stupify people as part of it kay it's supposed to be offensive yet funny but anyway...mao na to...

don't worry i'm not at all offended and i was expecting this reaction pud kay before that night i even told some people na di jud ko sure kay baboy jud... mao to... natawa nga ako sa ibang kasama ko na nagsabi na di daw nila expect na i can do that since i often am diplomatic(kuno) sa office na smile 2x lang... ewan... niinom na ko daan before ko nag-adto sa stage kay dili carry...

basta mao na to...

Wiwit said... comment.. i was supposed to be here.............huhuhuh :(

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