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NBA All Star.....

It's All Star game again...yehey!Every year I'm looking forward to watch it. I'm a huge fan of basketball especially NBA, unfortunately I'm working and not allowed to absent, this is the first time in the history that I never watched All Star game..grrrr. It's very frustrating not to see my idol Lebron James play..huhuhu...well at least he won the tittle as MVP, congrats to the recap read this post.

Haier Shooting Stars:

Team San Antonio Wins 2008 Haier Shooting Stars
Tim Duncan and David Robinson are no strangers to winning with one another, so, with the added help of San Antonio Silver Stars sharpshooter Becky Hammon, it's no wonder they won yet another crown. After an impressive run in the first round, Team San Antonio took care of business in the finals of the 2008 Haier Shooting Stars challenge against Team Chicago, as Duncan drained a half-court shot to give the Texas threesome a time of 35.8 seconds.

PlayStation Skills

Deron Dominates Skills Challenge
For his first run through the obstacle course of the PlayStation Skills Challenge, Utah Jazz point guard Deron Williams said he was a little nervous. He shook off those jitters very quickly.
After advancing to the final round, Williams put together a flawless performance - no missed shots, every pass through the hoops - and set a record time for the final round at NBA All-Star.

Three point shootout:

Kapono Defends Title, Ties Record
Kapono set a new mark for most points in a final round of the shootout, flipping in 20-of-25 shot attempts (including 10 in a row from the third ball of the first rack to the second ball of the third rack) for a total of 25 points.
“The way it was set up on the scoreboards, you couldn’t tell what your score was, so you just had to go off of feel,” Kapono said when asked if he knew if he was approaching the record on the last rack of the final round.

Rookie Vs. Sophomore:

Sophomore Streak at Six and Counting
Gibson, the combo guard of the Cleveland Cavaliers, drained a record 11 3-pointers in 20 attempts and scored 33 points as the Sophomores again defeated the Rookies, 136-109, for their sixth straight victory.
Gibson shattered Kyle Korver's Rookie Challenge record of seven 3-pointers set in 2005. He fell three points shy of Amare Stoudemire's 2004 mark for points in the annual showcase and took home MVP honors, joining Zydrunas Ilgauskas (1998) - not LeBron James - as the only Cavaliers to win the award.

Slam Dunk:

All-Star Saturday Dwight
On his first dunk of the night, Howard tossed the ball to himself off the back of the backboard, caught it, and threw it down with his left hand while his head was still on the other side of the glass.
"I've been working on that one for two years," Howard revealed. "I saw Iguodala did it, and I was working on it after that, coming up with my own little thing."On his first dunk of the finals, Howard did a high toss from the left wing, tipped off the backboard (on the right side) with his left hand, and then threw it down with his right. And he made it look very easy.Dwight Howard put on his Superman cape and soared,It's a Bird. It's a Plane. It's the Slam Dunk Champion
2008 All Star Game:


Kobe Bryant,
Carmelo Anthony, Yao Ming, Tim Duncan, Allen Iverson.

Dwayne Wade, Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard, Jason Kidd.

And the MVP: My Lebron James...God answer my prayer...(ilang santo na tinawag ko para ma mvp
LeBron James earned MVP honors and nearly missed a triple-double as the East edged the West in the NBA All-Star Game (sayang beat mo na sana record ni manoy

Ray Allen scored 28 points, making three straight 3-pointers in the final 3:15, and LeBron James added 27 as the East, widely considered the NBA's weaker half, beat the Western Conference 134-128 in All-Star Game.James, who added nine assists and eight rebounds, was the MVP for the second time in three years. He also won the honor in 2006. "We didn't want to come out here and get beat up on again,'' James said.
“I mean to add the MVP trophy with the win means a lot to me,” James said. “I played well and I helped our team win. It means a lot to go out there and perform the way I was able to in front of the fans of New Orleans.”

Photos of King James:

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