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For my Madz Joanna....

Hello madz...Well FYI to all people, me and joanna first meet when the time I took an exam here in eversun (mag kasabay po kami...) in the interview and until we both hired here, we exchange smiles and hello's..then we become best pals in the office and until I become a godmother of her cute son jasper...(history gyud madz) Writer to si madz, a very good writer....well malas lang sa client madz noh???hehehe..ok lang!ana bitaw ko na pag novena bah..pray for a good client, it works for me madz (mao na ako ghimo kay mark!)....Well your in night shift now, I'm sure that we will miss you (lalo na me!).Thank you for always there for me, for your advises and for supporting me in my new whirl wind relationship with _ _ _ _!(you know).Unsa nalang atong mga tsismis madz ug bonding bonding sa peoples park...hahaahaha...hay, cry baby baya ko makahilak ko ani!hehehe...Thank you for being a nice friend to us, a good mom and a loyal wife....It's my pleasure to know you and I'm proud of it! Thanks and I hope you will be happy in night shift people (naa sila amie ug jocel didto..ams ikaw na bahala joanna ha!)...try to bond with them okies madz...ingatz jo...mwah... wait this people wanted to say something to

The Berks:
Ariel Retes (the model): brey, tan awa.... ....pakita kay joanna

Alon berzamina (ice tea bottomless): bye jo..magkita japon ta kay same ra man ato office, isipon lng namo na japon ka sa 3rd floor

Jayson Albano (korean actor..daw?): layas,jo....layas

Darlyn Osanastre (maam pm): pass sa ko,ala ko masay kron kay nahurot sa akoang article

Ma.Theresa Camartin(almost perfect..): well, all i can say is ............"no comment!"

Dutch Nuevo (most talkative): huhh....busy pa....hehe

Jean diaz (cute girl): hi jo! hmmm... I'll be missing u.. huhuuhu.. Thank you for the time you spent with me.. I won't forget the day na nag PM ka about sa YM status ko.. (lunch break ang nka post tapos 1pm lampas na.) ndi ko rin makalimutan ang day na sabi mo "jean, tingog-tingog og tagad-tagad sad..nakita ta na ka before sa webcam ni dennis kadtong tapad pa me" . Na touch jud ko pag-ayo that time,, kasi naman ndi talaga me umiimik sa upuan ko except lng kina dennis at clent(Schoolmate ko kasi). But, kahit pa lilipat kna sa nightshift here in my heart, ndi kita makalimutan kasi kaw ung first girl sa 3rd floor na naging friendship ko ..hehhehe ayo-ayo lng ha.. thnx a lot ha.. lalo na ung tym na gi-given up ako ng client ko salamat sa mga inspiring words na binigay mo sa akin..
"Dear friend, if our heart do not condemn us, we have confidence before God and receive from him anything we ask, because we obey his commands and do what pleases him."---1 John 3:21-22.....Keep up the good work! Godspeed!

Beverly Suarez (bebs ni ariel ug jayson): Joanna: What can I say to this girl, hmmmn. Well I don't know her a lot aside from being nice and cool berks known to be the devoted mom and wife of the group. She's of those people I wanted to know more with but sad to say night shift na ka, huh!... Well, jo thanks for being so nice with me. Stay cool and continue to be an inspiration to others especially to your super cute baby..We'll be missing you..mwah!She's of ONE those people.

Cesar Noel QuiƱon (master blogger): Take Care and God BLess \m/

****"Memories play a very confusing role...They make you laugh when you remember the time you cried together. But make you cry when you remembered the time you laughed together"...from joanna's quotes....Well friend thanks for the memories that we spend together, I will treasure it till the end. God bless you jo...miss you girl....mwah****

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