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Definition of a Genius

Are you familiar with these scenario. A person who's wearing glasses, holding many books with a pocket calculator and has a 150 above I.Q level?We usually called them smarty pants, nerd, Einstein Jr. or simply genius. The dictionary defines “genius” as: “Someone who has an unusually high level of intelligence, mental skill or artistic ability.”

Here's some of the definition of a genius, who knows your one of them:
1. It is the state of being naturally smart or exceptionally gifted and creative.

2. Also characterized by their ability to see things "outside", making them likely to create a lite-changing invention, radically changing the world.

3. A 6-letter word for someone who will someday get a 10-digit income and be called "Boss" by the majority.

4. People who do not study for exams and yet get high scores, making it impossible for the professor to curve the test scores.

5. The person who makes saying the most complex words sound freakishly ordinary and spontaneous.

6. The most popular person in school during the last days before exams, often seen lending out notes and homework to classmates and heading a study group.

Are you belong to Einstein clan?

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