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Being a Virgin

A virgin girl may not appreciate what she has. Some girls actually loose their virginity because of peer pressure. They give away their virginity just to fit in, just to belong with there friends who indulge in premarital sex. You don't have to belong to a certain circle of friends to be important. You can achieve what you want to achieve and be anything you want to be without having to follow the wrong crowd. Self-esteem is a thing of the mind. If you feel good about yourself no one can put you down.

Many young girls have veered into sexual misconduct simply to please their friends or to be rated as mature by friends. Being a virgin girl is perfectly normal. You're perfectly normal, as a virgin. You won't fall ill because you didn't have sex before twenty one, believe me I’m twenty three still virgin and I don’t feel ill, instead I feel healthy and proud of my self.Do not join your friends to experiment with sex. It is like walking on red coal, your legs will get burnt. You don't have to play along, sex is happiness but it is not a toy it should be taken it lightly.

Another thing many parents do not feel comfortable discussing sexual matters with their children. When children ask questions relating to sexuality, many parents skim over the subject or dodge it outright. This kind of gesture doesn't help your children. Since parents often fail to carry out their responsibility to their children, these innocent children turn to their peers for answers. And the answers they get are often distorted and far from the truth.

The result: Pregnant teens, troubled teens that becomes depressed adults. These depressed adults eventually become a nuisance to society. Parents play an important role to mold there children in the right direction. If you are a parent and your child ask you about sex, give them a straight and truth answer. Proper sex education is all they need, explain it well. I’m glad that my parents are sexually matured, what I am right now is a product of there undying advises.

If you are a virgin, maintain your virginity. Being a virgin is a source of pride to your parents. And when you get married as a virgin girl, your husband will be extremely proud of you. They say that remaining a virgin girl until you marry establishes your marriage on sound footing of trust and your husband knows he can trust you, because you have self-discipline and love of righteousness. Well for me it takes self-discipline, self-control, and love of God to stay morally upright in this decadent generation. Remaining a virgin girl is a thing of pride. As a virgin you can hold your head high anywhere you go. You have no need of shame. You have self-confidence, self-esteem, poise and a feeling of fulfillment. Besides, you save yourself the trauma your schoolmates’ or friends experience. You save yourself from the pain of teen pregnancy and fatherless baby. And you save yourself from the pain of a wasted life.

Wouldn't you rather remain an innocent virgin girl and enjoy such honor than be tossed about because your stomach is bulging with pregnancy for a baby who has no father?I’ve seen a lot of mirror in my life now, I have many friends, relatives who become a teenage mother some of them are not happy with the path they choose, there life is a miserable as you can imagine. There dreams has been shattered into pieces just because of a single choice. They wish they could turn back and enjoy there youthful more. Just a piece of advice: Enjoy life indulge yourself to the things that is more meaningful, be with the right crowd, pray to God ask he’s guidance and the most important of all make the right’s your life, be wise. Don’t rush! The right time will come at the right moment, with the right person.

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I admire your guts for your stand, but virginity is no longer an issue in marriage. What is important is that the man loves the woman and vice versa. If the woman is virgin when she got married, that is a bonus for the guy. Is there any virgin groom yet? Thanks for the frank post. God bless.

~"In Life many of us have done fighting in every way to survive, heard every painful truth, been in every heartbreaking scene and felt every dreadful feeling. We thought going through it will then make us realized that we have to stop the fight, to atleast save a little of ourselves. But you know whats funny? It's when it seems that we are so much tired of it, but still we can't just quit no matter how hard it is and we continue hoping that one day..well be able to find someone who could love us, not just "right" but "real"~
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