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New Years Resolution that came true....

~~Me and My pretty friend Raquel~~

In my previous post I made my New Years Resolution with the hope that I’ll be able to make it happened. I’m proud of myself lately because I’m starting to make it. Two of my resolution is finally come true. First is to save money, I’m glad that I’m starting saving money now although I’m still tempted to bought things but I control myself not to spend to much unlike before. Second is to go to the gym , actually I’ve started my gym regimen two weeks from now and tomorrow I have to go there with my night shift officemates, we enrolled in Smashville located in Uyanguren. Smashville Gym for me is one of the prominent fitness gyms in Davao, they offer almost everything with complete fitness machine, badminton court, boxing and of course the sauna. I just love sauna! That’s one of the reasons why I enrolled in there. Hopefully my lazy attitude won’t hinder me in accomplishing one of my goals and I’m looking forward to lose weight before February…..**wink**

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2 Cinderella's Commentos:

Jean said...

wow-- gym gym diay tirada karon brey?

ahhehehe maayo na.. ako sad mag gym pud guro arun dili na maayo magdaku// :))

Chai said...

hhhmmm... been thinking about this also. by this month of february. tamad pud ko in fairness and murag wala man koy kauban kay dili man mag abot ang amo schedule ni molitong. hahahayz. medyo bug-at napud akong kalawasan. hehehe

what about the other resolutions brey?

gudluck!!! ciao

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