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Bad Luck or GoOd Luck?

Yesterday it's my first day here in the new office, actually I'm kinda excited and I can't wait to see it. I already contact my day shift counterpart and I know where's the location of my P.C and infact I do have a picture of it from Kuya Cesar. But when I arrived in the office I found out that my unit or P.C is located in another place and I really don't like the location cause I expected something's different in the picture and there is someone occupied in my supposed place..hahahyyy...I don't want to mention he's name here, it's ok cause he transfer also in the other place I guest just to be near with he's friends...Oh well my night mood is not good it's started with irritation. After a while I contact my client Janus cause I was out for 3 days (VL) and I want to start my task to take away the irritation that bundles me that night...I even make a call to my client and no one's answer it, then I received a chat from him saying he ended he's contract in AOV. I'm shock cause no one bothers to tell me, that I don't have a client anymore.

My mood really make it worst upon receiving that news.....It's very frustrating I though he's my long term client..hahahayyy...Then I went to ask my supervisor about that matter , then she confirmed it that I don't have a client anymore...what a night!after the talk we have I ask her permission to transfer in another place, thanks to Ma'am Mel she grand my request. Despite the bad luck I've encounter that night I'm happy now cause I'm sitting in the comfortable place knowing that this is somewhat an isolated area in the office, behind us is a wall...hahaha...well I'm glad my seat mate is my cousin Elton and my Mads Joanna and the rest are my night shift friends.....It is still a bad luck or a good luck?whatever......Photobucket

P.S.: Life is so boring without a client!

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9 Cinderella's Commentos:

Chai said...

hi brey!! haha. lain lain gyud ang mga reaction sa mga tao diri sa bago nato nga office.

wala na diay ka client?hehe. balik na diri sa day oi.hehe

anyway...gudluck nalang sa imoha sa kung unsa man gyud ang imong gusto.

ayo ayo and see you when i see you.mwuah!!

Aice Nice Concepts said...

nako parang pareho pala tayo on the first day sa office ahihihih sige lang ana man gyud si LIFE!

RoNald said...

hello. I'm new here. lol. dugay na pud ko wala ka comment diri da. it's a pleasure to be back. about sa imu post siguro blessing in desguise na lang pud na nga nawala imu client ug nabalhin ka sa imu gusto na place. kay ako na imu counterpart sa day ba. hehe. alagai atong pc ha kay ako di ra ba jud ko kabalu mag-alaga ani. weeee. goodluck na lang sa bag-o na environment nato ug godbless sa tanan!

iosy said...

HI Aubrey... Nindot kaau ang office noh!.. hehe

lunarhemisphere said...

Just smile! look at the positive side..

so It's "good luck" now? LOLS

Moongoddesslae said...

bumibisita lang po...kakamiss

leidyundercover said...

hayaan mo.. remember... ang beauty mo!

gLoR!e said...

there's always a replacement for that! you might be very surprise then!:)

so relax lang mag enjoy ka muna..mag coke nalang tayo! ehehehehe

Mel Alarilla said...

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