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What is Dengue?

One of my close friend has been infected with this kind of illness"Dengue" recently. I know dengue is not a new illness in the market. We are all aware that we can get this kind of illness from mosquitoes but for the sake of those who didn't know what really dengue is, this post is for you.

What is Dengue Fever?
Dengue fever is caused by one of four viruses that are transmitted by infected Aedes mosquitoes. The transmission of the disease occurs when a mosquito bites an infected person and subsequently bites an uninfected person. The bite actually transmits the small amount of blood necessary to infect someone with dengue fever. Diagnosis is made through blood tests that scan for antibodies to dengue viruses.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever

1) Sudden onset of high fever, which may last two to nine days.
2) Severe headache mostly in the forehead
3) Joint and muscle pain, and body aches
4) Pain behind the eyes which worsens with eye movement
5) Nausea or vomiting of coffee coloured matter blood
4) Black stools like coal tar
5) Excessive thirst (dry mouth)
6) Pale, cold skin
7) Weakness
8) Skin rashes maculopapular rash or red tiny spots on the skin, called Petechiae.

Most symptoms of the disease subside within seven days of their onset, and patients are expected to make a full recovery. In a small number of cases, dengue hemorrhagic fever may develop, which has a much higher fatality rate in children and individuals with suppressed immune systems.

The Aedes mosquito lives in tropical areas of the world including the Americas, southern Europe, North Africa, the eastern Mediterranean, Asia, Australia, various islands in the Indian Ocean, the south Pacific, the central Pacific and in the Caribbean. Seek medical attention at the first sign of symptoms.

Sources: Wise Geek and Medindia

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2 Cinderella's Commentos:

♥perpetuaL bLiss♥ said...

dengue kaayO oink..
d q ka reLate anĂ  mads..

tuhbournook said...

yung baby ko noong october 04 ay nadiagnosed na may dengue hemorrhagic fever grade 3. we were celebrating his first birthday noong october 1,but he had a 40.2 deg. fever. hindi talaga kami aware na may dengue sya. but noong October 4 ng 1am ay dumugo ang ilong niya. we rushed him to the hospital, he was suspected to have a dengue. kaya inadmit namin siya. sa ER muntik na akong mahimatay kasi on the 4th time na sinubukan ng mga doctor at interns na lagyan sya ng dextrose ay hindi nagtagumpay. binilang ko ang beses ni tinusukan sya ng karayom para kabitan ng dextrose mga 15 times. awang-awa ako sa baby ko pro no choice, kailangang malagyan sya ng dextrose para ma rehydrate siya. colapsed na ang viens niya dahil sa dehydration kaya nahirapan ang mga doctor na lagyan xa ng IV. every 6-8 hours, minomonitor ang kanyang dugo, it also means that every 6-8 hours in four days ay tinutusok xa ng needles in finger tips or sa kanyang toes. Pero salamat sa Diyos at hindi na kami umabot sa puntong mag blood transfusion kasi d na bumaba sa 80 ang platelet count ng baby ko.

~"In Life many of us have done fighting in every way to survive, heard every painful truth, been in every heartbreaking scene and felt every dreadful feeling. We thought going through it will then make us realized that we have to stop the fight, to atleast save a little of ourselves. But you know whats funny? It's when it seems that we are so much tired of it, but still we can't just quit no matter how hard it is and we continue hoping that one day..well be able to find someone who could love us, not just "right" but "real"~
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