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Havainnas craze in Davao.......

Yesterday mom and I went to SM Mall to have our grocery, it's also a 3 day sale in SM so as we expected many people went to the mall and have their shopping and etc. While strolling inside one store caught my attention many people fall in line outside and if you try to look inside, the store is full of people and they can even hardly fit in that small room "para silang sardinas"(looks like sardines) Photobucket and FYI they even put a security to queue the traffic.*** Flashback.... A few months ago I saw this dramatic scene when Philippines has this thing so called "rice shortage" and people fall in line just to buy NFA rice because that's the cheapest rice that the government could offer, the scene that I witness yesterday looks exactly like that or even worst that that.

The funny thing about this scenario people is not buying rice or food, they stand in line and waiting patiently to get-in that store for just a pair of flip-flops....OMG!yeah you read it right it was just a "flip-flops" store they sale "HAVAINAS" which mostly Filipinos crave for but not me...hahaha....well I like the style and comfort that the kind of slipper could offer but I'm not a "havaiolics" (a term to be called to those people who is havainas addict!). I can't blame them on why they exert effort to fall in line because that store offer 40% discount in all havainas...oh thats the great thing about it, mostly havainas sold at 900-1500 up in peso but it will depend on the style and if they are having a 40% discount consumer definitely can save.

No wonder if one day most of the people you've meet in the streets of Davao will be wearing "havainas" Photobucket .But for practical reason even though it has a discount still this question leaves in my mind..It is practical to buy flip-flops that cost like that?hmmm....well honestly I'm tempted to bought 1 pair of it yesterday but I don't have a patience to stand in line for many hours (so goodbye..havainas!") and now I still have to figure it out we're I will used it if ever I bought one , cause it's not so practical these days to spend a dough on a branded flip-flops then just leave it in the house. Photobucket Anyway I research some about havainas and found this article....

Havaianas are Brazilian rubber sandals exported internationally and have a massive variety of trendy colors and distinctive styles. These rubber sandals, which are popularly known as flip-flops, are extremely comfortable. The world renowned rubber slippers are available in different bright and vibrant colors. They are also designed in numerous and diverse eye catching styles. Although considered expensive by most people, the comfort and style merged into each and every Havaianas slipper makes every single penny definitely well spent. Since 1962, São Paulo Alpargatas, a manufacturing company in Brazil , have been making these one of a kind flip-flops. The inspiration for the Havaianas innovation is the Zori, which is a Japanese style sandal and the term Havaianas, which is Portuguese for Hawaiians, serves as homage to the crystal clear waters and white sand beaches of Hawaii .

Also, a rubber formula which has been kept secret for the past forty two years makes them as soft as butter, weightless, supple and long-lasting. Since they started exporting their products, São Paulo Alpargatas has sold more than two billion pairs of Havaianas throughout the world. The wide range of inimitable designs and vivacious colors of the Havaianas slippers is another reason why they are worn by different personalities ranging from an average citizen to dignitaries and celebrities. Slim, top and high are a few of its most popular styles up to date. Various colors like blue, red, white and brown are just some of the dazzling colors available. In one occasion, Havaianas even made a new line of slippers to commemorate the FIFA World Cup. And as expected, people flocked to different retailers just to have their own pair of the specially designed flip-flops. Undoubtedly, these addictive rubber slippers are taking over the world one foot at a time.

Havaianas, although a bit expensive, possess butter-soft comfort and eye catching styles that make it truly the world's most loved rubber sandals.

P.S: "Actually, sa Philippines lang sinasamba ang havaianas. go to u.s at wala lang yang havs na yan. sa brazil (where havaianas originated), cheap slippers lang yan since they are a country of footwear." <- I found this in one of the forum and they talk about havainas....Well for me if you feel comfortable and happy in a particular thing even it's cost a million bucks well don't deprived yourself to it...Life is too short enjoy all the materials things that this world could offer...hahaha....Photobucket

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mharms said...

Oh I miss going to SM Malls for great deals. I like flip flops too. When come back home, the first mall I will visit is SM. :)
Have a goo day.

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