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Green Team Won!

Last September 21, 2009 our company Eversun Software or AOV held an event for their employees. It’s a Musical and Literary held in Jack’s Ridge, the admin divided the agents in 4 colors green, yellow, red and blue for groupings and also the admin also came up in it’s own group color and that is pink. I belong in the green team which is I really considered myself lucky. Aside from being co-team mates of the two brilliant talented men in Aov Raquel and Arjay the singer and the choreographer, we also have amazing members who really have this extraordinary effort, perseverance and dedication plus initiative. It’s not hard for me to coordinated with this people. Despite of lack of time for practice we manage to present in front which I really considered as a good entertainment to everyone.

For our solo song entry obviously it’s for Raquel, The duet is Raquel and Kiev, In our dance group competition Arjay serves as our choreographer, “thanks nong” the dancers are yours truly, Mads Joanna, Chai, Mae, Joy, Jocel, Cyzel, Jonathan, Majar and Mario, while in our comic strips we pick the funniest guys in the group (“see in the video and you will be dying laughing…hehe”). We came out with a green shirt with “Green Team @Everson Software Phil. Corp.” printed on it. I hate to admit it but obviously we are serious in this event…hehe serious but having fun. All teams also do their part and perform well in front (“good job guys!”), especially the admins. We consider them as one of the group that is hard to bet. Actually we are expecting 3rd or 2nd runner up, but we won the grand prize. I think green team deserve it, don’t get me wrong guys I’m not saying this coz I’m part of the team it is because I see and experience the teamwork of green team (“from pictorial down to performing on stage…hehe”).

I really consider myself as one of the luckiest person that night, aside from my team won the grand prize I also won a 2nd prize in the raffle I won a camel rice cooker, see? “LUCK” knocks at my door that night. That night is full of fun, Jack’s Ridge is a stunning place to hold such an activity like this, the food is remarkably delightful. To the admins I congratulate all of you to come up with this outstanding event. It’s start well and ends well, everyone goes home with a big smile and all of us have a good time. Congratulations to all the team!

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Ruby said...

blog hopping!

Euroangel said...

musta na Sis!

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