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My PBA Experience

I was known as a certified NBA fanatic, I’m not used to watch the local basketball like PBA it’s cliché but I prefer foreign one that the local. I love the moves and the eagerness of the player of NBA than in PBA I’m not saying that they are not good but sometimes they have a lousy attitude in court, that’s one thing that makes me fell bored. Before I can say I’m a fan of PBA the Patrimonio days, I’m a fan of Alvin P. of Purefoods team I even cried if they lost. I love purefoods team and until now I’m a fan not because of famous Jame’s Yap but this cutie guy on court Peter June Simon, I have a huge crush over him. Last week I got a chance to watch the All Star PBA vs. Philippine Team together with my cousin Elton and my best friend Wilmer.

I have two reason why I go all the way to Panabo first I’m sure you have a clue already it’s because of PJ Simon (I told you he’s my crush!..LOL) and the second one I wanted to catch all the players live, I wanted to experience the moment watching it and the momentum that every player throws inside the court. I wanted to thank our very good friend, we called her “chief” for allowing us to seat on the ring side instead of the upper seat (psstt…hehe “Thanks Chief”.. :)) . Seating on the ring side is a very beneficial thing..(**I really like it!) Well I can’t help myself but to remain standing cause I wanted to take pictures of some players especially Simon, I’m standing so close to the court it’s like 1 meter distance from the player to where I stand..hehe…(“very beneficial..huh?..hehe”).

The player amazed me especially Erick Menk , he’s a really big guy and a certified good looking…weew. Seeing them playing on live is totally a big difference than watching them on T.V. I can feel their strength and the endurance towards the game and their eagerness to win.

The game ends well and I really enjoy it, even though Simon’s team (The All Star PBA team) lost it over Jame’s Yap and Asi Taulava’s team (The Philippine team),it such a privilege watching them live. After the game I realized that PBA is not that bad after all, can I put my name now on the list as a fan?haha..**wink**. I’m looking forward for this next year’s event and I’m hoping I can be able to get in to the player’s locker room..hmmm..Just for a closer pictures only..**wink**.

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Engr. Cesar Noel said...

Sino ba talaga brey

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